First Dates: Trans woman wins viewers’ hearts

First Dates features trans woman Danni and pansexual Aiden

First Dates aired a heartwarming moment last night, when participant Danni revealed that she is a trans woman to her date.

Sparks flew between 25-year-old Danni and her date with 28-year-old Aiden on Monday night’s episode of First Dates (November 19).

And when it came to Dannie revealing that she is trans, she was only met with a positive reaction from Aiden.

Trans woman Danni made an appearance on First Dates.

First Dates’ Danni, who was met with a heartwarming response when she revealed that she is trans to her date Aiden. (Channel 4)

Danni explained that she is in the process of setting up a lingerie company to make underwear for trans women.

“It’s not a problem to me anyway.”

— Danni’s date Aiden.

“I was very frustrated looking for lingerie,” Danni told Aiden.

First Dates’ Danni: I set up a lingerie company for trans women, like me

She added: “I basically wanna make products because I couldn’t find anything, which was made for trans women…which is me.”

“Yeah, okay,” Aiden responded.

He continued: “I didn’t even notice, I didn’t even realise,” before adding: “I just—it’s not a problem to me anyway.”

Aiden, who is pansexual, went on to explain that “it’s not an issue to me.”

In a cutaway clip, Danni highlighted the difficulties faced by trans people in the dating world.

“You’re about to tell them one thing about your history, and it could change everything,” she said.

“Dating as a trans person is just a minefield. An absolute minefield.”

Watch the video below: 

The pair hit it off so well that they agreed to go on a second date.

First Dates: “You’re an incredible woman Danni”

Viewers were quick to praise the blossoming romance.

Newsreader and TV personality India Willoughby posted: “Programme that leaves you with the best feeling week after week? Hands down #FirstDates ❤️.”

“Really pleased for Danni and Aiden :-)#FirstDates,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Yay for Danni and Aidan!! #FirstDates.”

First Dates, meanwhile, posted on Twitter: “You’re an incredible woman Danni, you’ve stolen our ❤️❤️, and Aiden’s too by the looks of it .”

The show has previously been praised for featuring LGBT+ participants since it first aired in 2013.

The programme, which sees participants being set up on blind dates, featured in February transgender participant Nick, who has since spoken out about trans representation on mainstream TV. 

In December last year, two men who appeared on the show—Greig and Shaun—announced their engagement.