Piers Morgan lashes out at ‘gender fluid Barbie’

Mattel's Barbie and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has gone on an angry rant speculating that Barbie might be gender fluid.

During a Good Morning Britain (GMB) segment on the children’s toy, the presenter asked: “How do we even know that this is a girl, by the way? Barbie? Is she identifying as a woman, or not?

“Or is she identifying as gender fluid, in which case she might be, on this particular day, a man,” continued Morgan on Wednesday (November 28).

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on ITV's Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has been angry about gender fluid people for a while (ITV)

The host, who corrected himself when he used the wrong pronoun to describe his hypothetical gender fluid Barbie, added that he was “offended on her—on his behalf that you may not have realised Barbie is now gender fluid and actually, despite looking like a girl, actually is a man today.

“So actually, you’ve caused me grave offence.”

One of his guests chimed in to tell Morgan that “feminists have got so much more to worry about,” but he interrupted her, declaring: “They haven’t. Honestly, they haven’t.

“All they’ve got to squeal about is this nonsense, and it’s so damaging.”

Presenters and guests including Emma B on Good Morning Britain on November 28, 2018

Piers Morgan mid-way through his rant about Barbie and her gender identity (ITV)

The show’s other guest, radio presenter Emma B, could be heard telling viewers: “Apologies to all the gender fluid kids out there” during Morgan’s tirade.

Piers Morgan has attacked gender fluid people before

The ITV presenter has previously used similar language to describe gender fluid folks, calling them “damaging to society” on the show earlier this year.

He called non-binary kids “a contagion” in May, and followed this up with the claim that gender fluid people were “absurd”.

After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced last month they were expecting a child, Morgan derided transgender people once more by predicting that the baby would be “a gender-fluid vegan.”

Barbie and Ken dolls on Good Morning Britain

The Barbie doll which sparked Piers Morgan’s outburst about gender fluid people (ITV)

On Tuesday (November 27), trans activist and model Munroe Bergdorf hit out at Morgan, calling him “bigoted” after he labelled gender fluid children “a fad” and “a farce.”

The presenter claimed that he “completely supports the ethos of genuine transgenderism,” which Bergdorf rejected, saying: “But you don’t, Piers, because you bring gender neutral and non-binary people onto your show constantly and berate them.”

Morgan denied he was being bigoted, saying that “if people can decide one day they’re male, one day they’re female, next day back to male, I think it’s ridiculous.”

But Bergdorf dismissed the comments, telling the host: “That’s because you’re a cis straight man.”

Watch Piers Morgan’s gender fluid Barbie tirade here: