12 lesbian sex toys you have to try

Sex toys and vibrators, butt plugs, to take on holiday

Lesbians use sex toys, just like everyone else. There are so many kinds of lesbian sex toys that couples may use to spice up their lives.

So many people assume that lesbian sex is great as girls understand each other’s bodies. Now, this is not always the case as no two women are the same.

There are many ways that lesbians have sex that don’t include sex toys, but they are ever-popular nonetheless.

It’s all about practice, and many lesbian couples find that sex toys will do wonders for their sex life.

Lesbian sex toys can change a woman’s life. So, let’s review the best toys to keep in your bedside drawer.

1) Classic vibrator

An obvious choice. Nearly every girl who masturbates will have a classic vibrator.

No doubt, this sex toy can work wonders on your partner too.

2) Magic wand

Sure, most magic wands are pricier, larger and you have to plug it in… not very discreet.

However, they’re definitely worth the investment with its ultra-buzz creating immense pleasure.

3) Clitoral vibrator

A study by The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that 37 percent of women required clitoral play in order to reach climax.

This means that a clitoral vibrator is your best chance at each of you having an orgasm.

4) Butterfly vibrator

The butterfly vibrator is not very commonly known but it is a hell of a treat.

This is a free-hand device which you strap around your waist, with the vibrator atop your clitoris.

Lesbian sex toys being used between two women in black and white
There are so many erogenous zones (Pixabay)

With this device, you may experience the tingling, orgasmic pulses without holding it in place.

This means you and your partner can touch each other elsewhere, feeling as many erogenous zones as you can.

5) Remote control egg

You insert the egg into your vagina, and your partner can control when it vibrates and the level of which it is on.

Of course, this is great for people masturbating alone, but lesbian couples may use this to heighten their sex life in ways they haven’t before.

You may slip the egg in at any time… and theoretically, anywhere. Of course, that’s if you’re brave enough. (Just make it doesn’t ‘buzz’ too loud.)

6) Finger vibrator

Consider wearing a finger vibrator the next time you enter your partner that way.

It may just change the experience altogether.

7) Dildo

While clitoral action makes most women orgasm, 18 percent of women said that they can come from vaginal penetration alone.

This is where the dildo may come in as most lesbians don’t have a penis.

Dildos can be a complete game changer for lesbian sex. It can go in and reach the places the hand otherwise cannot.

8) G-spot vibrator

Even better, you may get a dildo that vibrates, otherwise known as the G-Spot Vibrator.

This device will buzz and shake as it is pulled in and out hitting your G-spot.

9) Strap on

If the lesbian couple would prefer to penetrate each other without using hands, they may use a strap-on and have sex with each other that way, with all the thrusts and moans you can imagine.

10) Nipple sucker

Another hot erogenous zone for many women is the nipples.

This makes the nipple sucker sex toy very popular.

In terms of what this nifty tool does… well, the clue is in the name.

11) Anal beads

Butt play certainly isn’t for everyone but some people absolutely love it.

If one of those people are you or your partner, anal beads might be your best friend.

12) Anal dildo

Equally, you may wish to invest in an anal dildo as they’re shaped differently to your traditional dildo.

Use these lesbian sex toys with safe sex

It’s paramount to take care of your sexual health, and people need to be aware of the health precautions of using sex toys.

It’s recommended that both partners should have a sexual health check before getting intimate with one another.

You can indeed catch infections from oral sex and from sharing toys.

If one of you hasn’t been checked prior to sharing a bed, it’s recommended that you do not have oral sex nor use the same sex toys.

Additionally, even if you alone use the sex toys, keep them clean.

Overall, these top lesbian sex toys can be great, but you need to do it right. Stay safe, stay clean, and have fun, lovelies.

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