Bisexual history quiz: Test your bi knowledge

The Bi Life's Ryan Cleary and Michael Gunning do a bisexual test history quiz (PinkNews)

Think you know your bisexual history? We tested The Bi Life’s Michael Gunning and Ryan Cleary with a bisexual history knowledge quiz.

From the invention of the bisexual pride flag to celebrity bisexual men and women, we put together a bisexual history quiz.

Bisexual history quiz

  1. When is bi visibility day?
  2. Who designed the bisexual flag?
  3. What is the Kinsey Scale?
  4. When was the term bisexual coined?
  5. Who did Greek god Zeus have a same-sex fling with?
  6. What are the colours of the bisexual flag and what do they mean?
  7. When was the bi flag first unveiled?
  8. Name three famous bisexual people
  9. Bonus question: Who coined the word bisexual?

Watch the video below to take part in our bisexual quiz.

The Bi Life’s Michael Gunning—who came out as gay on the show after identifying as bisexual—and Ryan Cleary took the quiz.

The pair, both from Manchester, recently spoke to PinkNews about their experiences coming out on TV versus to family members.

Ryan Clearly said: “You don’t want to look back on your life and be like I lived for what I thought certain people in society wanted.

“If it’s safe for you to come out then I would definitely advise you to do so—just to a friend, to a family member, and then to take it from there.

“Whatever it is that you feel you are, it’s important that you do express that because life is short.”

Watch the video above to find out the answers—and who won our bi history quiz.