Swedish singer AMWIN releases stunning love song about Dua Lipa

Swedish singer AMWIN and British singer Dua Lipa.

Swedish singer AMWIN has written an amazing love song about Dua Lipa.

The 22-year-old star, whose real name is Amanda Winberg, released the music video for “Dua Lipa” on Thursday (April 4).

The track includes the lyrics: “Like Dua Lipa, I would do anything for you,” “Like Dua Lipa, baby, how you got me tweakin'” and “Like Dua Lipa, you a keeper.”

Watch the music video for “Dua Lipa” by AMWIN here:

AMWIN also sings “so holla at me, baby, you know that I want it” as she comes on to the object of the song.

AMWIN explains why she wrote song about Dua Lipa

The singer, who got her break after finishing second on Swedish singing contest Idol 2015, told Women in Pop that “Dua Lipa is the s**t.”

“She’s super hot, really cool and most people, I think, would do anything for her.”

— AMWIN about Dua Lipa

Explaining why she chose the British singer as the object of her affections, AMWIN said: “She’s super hot, really cool and most people, I think, would do anything for her. Like I would for my crush in the song.

“Honestly, while making this song it was just the first person I thought of, like ‘Who else is better than ice-cream? Ah, Dua Lipa.’”

She said that “Dua Lipa” was her favourite song on new EP AMWIN In Wonderland, which came out last week.

"Dua Lipa" singer AMWIN performing her music in a photo she posted on Instagram.

AMWIN has just released her debut EP. (amwinmusic/instagram)

“It was so liberating for me to just write a song that’s straight up a love song,” AMWIN revealed.

“It’s still a bit weird and playful like me, but I’m usually scared of embracing that 100 percent loving vibe so to me it means a lot and I have a lot of fun performing it, as I feel it has such a good energy.”

Dua Lipa has taken a stand for LGBT+ rights

On Thursday (April 4), Dua Lipa urged her Twitter followers to boycott Brunei-owned businesses after the country instituted a penal code which punishes homosexuality with death.

The “New Rules” singer tweeted: “Gay rights are human rights. Boycott the industries and the people that believe in inhumane anti LGBT+ laws.

“Taking a stand today and forever to show support.

“The fight is never over we’re only scratching the surface but we need to be louder than ever. #BoycottBrunei ️‍ ” she added above a photo of shoes emblazoned with the LGBT+ Pride flag.