Don’t make these 5 mistakes when choosing a sperm bank

Like many women considering having a child, you’ve entertained the idea of using a sperm bank. Whether you’re intrigued or terrified (or maybe a mix of both!), there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding sperm banks, and subsequently a lot of potential mistakes you can make when selecting one.

We’re teaming up with an industry-leading sperm bank, Xytex, to bring some much-needed clarity to the unknowns of sperm banking and keep you from making some common—and costly—mistakes on your path to parenthood.

Mistake 1: Neglecting to consider your own genetics

While many people pursuing sperm donation are hesitant about the potential donor’s genetic makeup, knowledge of one’s personal genetic unknowns is often overlooked.

Genetic testing is recommended before pregnancy, to see which conditions, if any, you may carry.


For increased peace of mind, Xytex provides expanded carrier-testing on all donors and is now partnered with a leading genetics company, Sema4, to effectively check for over 280 conditions.

Additionally, Xytex is the only sperm bank to provide extended testing through Sema4 for Fragile X Syndrome, a dominant genetic condition causing a range of developmental issues that include learning disabilities and cognitive impairment.

Mistake 2: Expecting all sperm banks to vet their donors equally

As long as you get your product from a licensed sperm bank and not some sketchy online classified ad (not worth it no matter how much money you’ll supposedly save!), rest assured that the donors have undergone some form of physical and genetic evaluation in order to be accepted into the program.

Xytex takes their vetting process a step further, including background and education verification and behavioral and personality assessments by Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Additionally, Xytex has highly trained genetic counselors to assist you in finding the best genetic match for your family.


Mistake 3: Assuming that every sperm bank supports and understands all family types

Not all sperm banks acknowledge the nuances that make your family’s journey to parenthood unique. It’s important to choose a sperm bank that has a proven track record of empowering LGBTQ families, ensuring the support you need every step of the way.

This is a joyful and exciting time. As the longest continuously running sperm bank in the U.S., with over 40 years of experience helping families just like yours, Xytex has the guidance, resources, and expertise to make the whole process a journey to cherish for a lifetime.

Mistake 4: Not thinking about what your future child might want

It’s tempting to choose the type of donor based solely on your preferences—and this makes sense when it comes to physical features.

When considering either an anonymous donor or one whose identity will be disclosed when your child turns eighteen, thinking beyond your own feelings might make a difference in your decision.


Since many offspring wish to connect with their donor in this way, Xytex exclusively accepts Identity Disclosed donors.

Mistake 5: Getting drawn in by all the cute baby photos

We get it— babies are adorable. But what do those babies look like as adults? Many sperm banks only provide photos of donors as babies or toddlers.

Xytex offers the most adult donor photos of any sperm bank, giving you an accurate sense of a potential donor’s appearance and physical attributes.

While others may have face-matching services or lookalike programs, nothing beats having the actual photo of the donor.

To learn more about Xytex or to search from our wide array of quality, highly sought-after donors, click here.

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