Musician John Grant stars in HIV Garage series raising awareness of HIV health checks

John Grant, the gay rights advocate and genre-defying solo artist, is launching a YouTube series to encourage regular ‘HIV Health MOTs’ for people with HIV.

This article is part of the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign, a disease awareness programme that has been developed by Gilead Sciences Ltd.

The video series, HIV Garage, encourages HIV positive people to speak to healthcare professionals about the various health assessments available to them as they age with the condition.

Grant, who is HIV positive himself, stars alongside HIV activist and drag queen Panti Bliss as part of the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign by Gilead Sciences.

With HIV today, it’s great to know we’re looking at a long-distance drive on the open road.

Grant said: “Like many people, my journey with HIV has not been an easy one, and now I’ve just hit my fifties I am starting to think about ageing for the first time.

“With HIV today, it’s great to know we’re looking at a long-distance drive on the open road.

“I’m pleased to be helping others understand the various tests and checks available in a relatable way, including the HIV Health MOT.”

The HIV Health MOT is an interactive tool that people living with HIV can use to create a personalised list of tests and checks to discuss with their doctor.

It’s available for anyone at

Ageing with HIV

While people are living longer with HIV than ever before, HIV and the medicines used to treat it can speed up the ageing process. Knowledge of this can help people make informed choices about their future.

Different illnesses are more likely to affect people living with HIV, or affect them at an earlier stage than HIV negative people. These can include heart disease, some cancers, osteoporosis and disorders of the liver, kidneys and brain.

Grant and Panti will be discussing these topics and more with LGBT+ advocates Calum McSwiggan, Justin Myers, Taofique Folarin, Sadiq Ali, Paul Fleming and Kristian Johns.

Panti Bliss (YouTube)

Panti Bliss joins the HIV Garage (YouTube)

“I loved collaborating with John and seeing his input into this great new series,” Panti said.

“We’re all clocking up the mileage, and HIV can put some nasty bumps in the road. You wouldn’t take a long road trip without checking what’s under the hood, so make a plan for healthy ageing with HIV – the HIV Health MOT is a great place to start.”

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Date of preparation: July 2019