A straight guy named Kevin had to clarify his sexuality in order to enjoy a sunset. Yes, really

A sunset with the caption "I'm straight but... that's incredible."

A straight guy named Kevin felt so burdened by his sexuality that he felt the need to clarify it before he could sit back and enjoy a sunset.

Straight men really do have it tough.

Not only do they carry the burden of earning more money than their LGBT+ counterparts and face fierce opposition when they try to celebrate Straight Pride, but it now appears that they can’t even enjoy a simple sunset without first having to clarify their sexuality.

That’s the message which came across when a man known only as Kevin shared a picture of a sunset with the caption: “I’m straight but… that’s incredible.”

Naturally, the LGBT+ community was full of support for Kevin’s plight.

Though some found it hard to get their heads around his hardship.

One person thought that Kevin might have actually been trying to get a secret message across.

Sadly, other than his first name and the fact that he is straight, we’re none the wiser as to who Kevin actually is.

Here’s hoping that the straight community are rallying around him at this very difficult time.