The internet gives its tuppence worth over the second episode of Drag Race UK

Baga Chipz

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continued with a Downton Draggy challenge, a Bond Girl runway and more drama than you can shake your tuppence at.

After a lovey-dovey opening week, episode two found the queens getting down to business – with a little help from the shadiest queen of all, RuPaul.

For the mini challenge, RuPaul asked The Vivienne to sort her competitors into the tops and the bottoms – of the competition, of course.

Naturally the ranking stirred up some drama among the queens, with Cheryl Hole left feeling butthurt after she was picked second to last.

From there on, it was all out war between The Vivienne and Cheryl.

…with The Vivienne delivering the line of the night as the friction continued.

Elsewhere the queens continued to demonstrate the beauty and elegance of the English language.

And after what must have been a bewildering first week, RuPaul finally got a lesson in British slang.

For the Downton Draggy maxi challenge the queens gave us their best Maggie Smith realness, with Baga Chipz’s performance winning her the second Ru Peter Badge of the series.

Sadly for Scaredy Kat, her whiny performance went down as well as an overflowing litter tray, and after her first-ever lip-sync performance (!) she was told to sashay away.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues Thursdays on BBC iPlayer.