The Sugababes are back with new music and it’s all the internet can talk about today

The three original Sugababes have reunited to cover Sweet Female Attitude’s 2000 hit single ‘Flowers’, and the internet has gone into meltdown.

It’s been six long years since they reformed and dropped the single ‘Flatline’, but Mutya, Keisha and Siobhán are finally back with new music.

“The Garage Classical album is a celebration of an important time in UK music. We grew up in the garage era and ‘Flowers’ is a timeless classic – the perfect fit,” said the Sugababes.

“We are so happy to finally be able to give a little something to our amazing supporters whilst we prepare for 2020. We hope you like it!”

The trio will appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight (18 October) to sing ‘Flowers’ – which is being released on DJ Spoony’s new Garage Classical album.

It will be the first time the girl band have done a televised performance in five years.

I can’t believe Sugababes are gonna be singing flowers on BBC One in 2019,” wrote one Twitter user.

You can listen to Sugababes singing “Flowers” below: