Fox News host and right-wing guest blame California wildfires on hiring gay people

Tucker Carlson and Dave Rubin on Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his gay conservative guest agreed that the current California wildfires were probably down to utility company PG&E being too focused on hiring gay and black people.

Investigators believe that the fires began when a tree fell onto a power line operated by PG&E.

But Carlson said: “PG&E strikes me as almost a metaphor for the destruction of the state.

“Here’s the utility which doesn’t really know anything about its own infrastructure but knows everything about the race of its employees. How did we get there?”

Conservative, gay political commentator Dave Rubin responded: “The problem right now is that everything, everything, from academia to public utilities to politics, everything that goes woke, that buys into this ridiculous progressive ideology that cares about what contractors are LGBT or how many black firemen we have or white this or Asian that, everything that goes that road eventually breaks down.”

Carlson nodded seriously and said: “That’s true.”

Rubin stumbled over a hypothetical situation for the Fox News host, saying: “Tucker, imagine if your house was on fire, would you care what the public utility or what the fire company, what contractor they brought it, what gender or sexuality or any of those things he or she was? I mean it’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

Carlson, outraged, said: “Who would care? Who would care about something like that?

Rubin added: “We just don’t have enough clear-thinking, more libertarian or conservative-minded people in California to fight what the progressives are doing to the state.”

Rubin responded to accusations that his comments were “racist” and “homophobic” by writing on Twitter: “Nothing I said was racist or homophobic. Actually not that it matters but I’m married to a man.”

Carlson has previously called the legalisation of same-sex marriage “depressingly frivolous”, and has said that the recognising the difference between gender and biological sex would “make healthy relationships impossible and devastate society”.