Make-up artist Jeffree Star is involved in YouTube drama… again

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is no stranger to drama.

In fact, the make-up guru seems to relish it, as he proved recently when he sparked another row with fellow beauty YouTuber Michelle Dy.

Things heated up between the two when a fan asked Jeffree if he would do a review of Michelle’s brush collection.

“I don’t have time to review trash on my channel!” Jeffree replied. Ouch.

The savagery didn’t stop there, however.

An hour later, Michelle tweeted: “I’m good luv, enjoy.”

She then responded again a day later with a longer post in which she defended herself and her work.

“I worked hard, poured my heart and 100% into it and I am proud of it,” Dy tweeted.

Michelle Dy/Twitter

This isn’t the first time Jeffree and Michelle have clashed online.

This beauty beef pre-dates this year, going back to 2018 when Jeffree publicly called out Dy for ripping off his “Approved by Jeffree” video series.

He called her out in a colossal Snapchat rant but refused to say Dy’s name, claiming that this was because “we don’t wanna give no one any clout.”

Michelle took to Twitter to address Jeffree’s video, posting a screenshot explaining what had happened.

“I was unaware that this “Jeffree Star Approved” series is copyrighted in America,” Michelle stated.

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Jeffree Star if in any way or another, I may have violated your rights from the use of your trademark.”

Michelle Dy/Twitter

But this tentative truce clearly wasn’t meant to last. Poor Michelle.