These two men who kiss during a gruelling marathon are absolute couple goals

A video of a man passionately kissing someone during the New York City marathon has gone viral. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Ready to feel aggressively single? A viral video of a man kissing his husband during the hen NYC marathon has sent Twitter into a serious ice cream and Netflix-in-bed binge.

On a pristine Autumn day, runners by the dozen took to New York City, US, to participate in the city’s namesake marathon.

Sprawling the city’s five boroughs, the marathon takes all kinds of people. Including one man named Michael.

‘Michael’s first New York City marathon’ makes Twitter.

Michael, 50, is based in Chelsea, Manhattan.

As he and a flush of fluorescent vested runners darted across Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, up until Tavern on the Green Central Park, it seems he won both a medal and the hearts of thousands of Twitter users.

Footage uploaded by Brooklyn-based Matias Gomez documents “Michael’s first NYC marathon” as he runs into the arms of another man.

He might be sweaty, but this in no way stopped him and his husband Timothy, 55, from sharing a passionate kiss on the sidelines on a strip of the track covered in discarded paper cups.

It left Timothy — holding a sign decorated with hearts that read ‘Looking good, Michael’ — dazed and smiling.


As a result of Gomez’s tweet, Twitter became heaving with more emoji hearts than the marathon had runners. Around 3,000 people have liked the post in less than two days.

Partners-to-be can also now thank “Michael” for setting the bar on love for generations to come: