Blu Hydrangea on queens playing games, shading RuPaul and why Cheryl had to stay in Drag Race UK

Blu Hydrangea

Blu Hydrangea became the sixth queen to sashay away from Drag Race UK last night after her risqué bottled water advert failed to hydrate RuPaul.

She told us why she thinks Drag Race UK is more diverse than the US show, the reason Cheryl Hole had to stay and who was a ‘scary, scary queen’.

Blu Hydrangea! What’s the reaction been like?

Really positive. I did fall into a comment-reading hole last week and it was, um, quite hard. But the majority of messages directed at my social media have been lovely. It’s more the ones they don’t tag you in.

Cheryl’s been getting it hard she has.

I don’t think you should have gone home yesterday. Do you agree?

Aww. I think everyone has their own time. It was Cheryl’s time to lip sync and she killed it. I mean no one else was going to stay when it was in front of Cheryl Cole, you know?

Baga [Chipz] had her first bout of weakness but she’s the person I enjoy watching the most every week. So it would have been more devastating to lose Baga or Cheryl over me.

Say what you like about her, but Blu Hydrangea commits (BBC).

I’ve heard Cheryl’s been getting a bit of a hard time on social. Have you seen any of it?

Yeah, Cheryl’s been getting it hard she has. When I came off the Race I told my partner: “Cheryl is going to be the sweetheart of the season, she’s such a nice person.” So when people started reacting like that it was quite sad. But I think it’s starting to turn around now, which is great.

Blu shows Cheryl Hole some love (BBC).

Maybe I was just blinded by how nice she was. I didn’t realise she was talking about girl groups and stuff willy-nilly. At the time it didn’t feel quite as Cheryl as it did, but looking back I can see… I think she’s hysterical, everything she says I laugh at.

People were angry they hadn’t put it into the show – that it had been legalised.

How much did you spend preparing for Drag Race UK?

Lots and lots! Probably about five or six grand at a lower estimate. You put all the money and effort you have in the hope it comes back tenfold.

And has it come back tenfold?

Um, yes, I suppose it has. It’s definitely been worth it I’ll tell you that much. For years it was like: “How do I get this platform I know I deserve?” That’s why I’m urging everyone to do season two.

How did you celebrate equal marriage? Are you planning to propose?

Well that’s definitely a potential! We’d decided to wait until it was legal. I want to get proposed to at Disneyland, so I’m waiting for that holiday to happen.

This is a really unfair question, but was there just a tiny part of you that thought: “You couldn’t have waited until my storyline was over before passing marriage equality?” 

Haha, no, I was just happy to have it. People were angry they hadn’t put it into the show – that it had been legalised – but just putting it on will allow people to research it and find out for themselves it’s been legalised. It all helps. Even some of the girls in the work room didn’t know it was illegal!

In that conversation you name-checked the DUP. I’m guessing you won’t be voting for them in December. Who will you vote for?

Is Blu talking about her advert or the DUP? (BBC)

Oooh, whatever party’s the nicest – definitely not the DUP though, with everything they’ve done to us. Wee Arlene Foster’s probably raging that it’s passed and we’ll be responding by throwing parties!

She’s confident. A force to be reckoned with. A scary, scary queen. Definitely intimidating.

Did you have any reservations about coming on to Drag Race UK?

I was afraid they might have a lot of kinks to work out, but as you can see it’s amazing. It’s given the US Drag Race a bit of a kick in the bum, hasn’t it?

Were you surprised by the lack of diversity this season?

I think it was quite diverse, especially compared to the American version. Crystal – there’s never been a queen with hairy nipples. Then there’s Sum Ting and Vinegar and queens from all across the country, even me from old Ireland.

If it were opened up to queens of other genders it would be amazing. But we were told we were the top ten in the country and I think it was a nice selection of different styles of drag.

Drag Race UK queens Blu Hydrangea, Divina De Campo and Baga Chipz dressed as the Frock Destroyers

Drag Race UK introduced us to the Frock Destroyers. (BBC)

Do you think anyone is playing more of a game than we get to see?

The girls have their tactics. The one playing the least of a game is probably Divina [De Campo]. She’s busy freaking out but also willing to help everyone. She doesn’t want to win because you were flailing; she wants to win knowing the girls did their best.

But The Vivienne, she’s confident. A force to be reckoned with. A scary, scary queen. Definitely intimidating. I was pooing my pants when she was trying to shake us up over the Filth Harmony rivalry. But she’s lovely!

Did you intentionally shade RuPaul over her gowns, or was it an accident?

An accident! Oh my goodness, I feel like that’s proper Northern Irish humour. When I was on the Race everyone was like: “You’re so shady.” But I got home and everyone was like: “No that was fine.” But I don’t think RuPaul got it!

Do you think she had it out for you after that?

Not really, she thought I was funny in the Snatch Game and gave me a shout out which was iconic.

Blu Hydrangea

Blu Hydrangea has been named the shadiest queen of Drag Race UK. (BBC)

Raja claimed credit on Fashion Photo Review for inspiring your amazing eye look. Was she right?

I must to admit it didn’t go through my head. But she was one of the first drag queens I ever saw so it’s great she know knows who I am. But I’ve always had a thing for eyes.

Who do you want to win?

Either Cheryl or Divina. They were there for me throughout the whole race and stopped me looking like a tit on national TV!

Anything else you’d like to say?

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