Chick-fil-A backtracks, won’t pledge to end donations to anti-LGBT charities

The Chick-fil-A restaurant has come under fire

Chick-fil-A appears to have backtracked on its decision to end donations to charities that discriminate against LGBT+ people.

The chicken chain, which has a long history of donations to lobbying groups that oppose LGBT+ rights, signalled on Monday that it would end donations to charities that discriminate against LGBT+ people, after a sustained international boycott.

However, after a backlash from anti-LGBT conservatives and Republicans, the company appears to have quietly backtracked.

Chick-fil-A backtracks over end to anti-LGBT donations

In a statement to Vice, Chick-fil-A President and COO Tim Tassopoulos refused to confirm the company would not donate to groups that oppose LGBT+ rights.

He said: “No organisation will be excluded from future consideration–faith-based or non-faith-based.”

A statement on the Chick-fil-A Foundation website said it was “happy and proud” of its 2018 donations, which include Christian organisations that discriminate against LGBT+ people.


The American chicken restaurant, which has well-documented connections to anti-LGBT+ organisations, is flip-flopping over its future (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty)

In its announcement on Monday, Chick-fil-A had said it would take a “more focused giving approach to provide additional clarity and impact with the causes it supports.”

It said Chick-fil-A would “deepen its giving to a smaller number of organisations working exclusively in the areas of education, homelessness and hunger.”

Chicken chain ‘must be more transparent’

Drew Anderson of GLAAD said: “If Chick-Fil-A is serious about their pledge to stop holding hands with divisive anti-LGBTQ activists, then further transparency is needed regarding their deep ties to organisations like Focus on the Family, which exist purely to harm LGBTQ people and families.

“Chick-Fil-A investors, employees, and customers can greet today’s announcement with cautious optimism, but should remember that similar press statements were previously proven to be empty.

“In addition to refraining from financially supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations, Chick-Fil-A still lacks policies to ensure safe workplaces for LGBTQ employees and should unequivocally speak out against the anti-LGBTQ reputation that their brand represents.”