Liam Payne’s fans are calling on him to give the gays everything they want and open an OnlyFans after his album tanked

Liam Payne visits Heat Radio on September 03, 2019 in London, England. (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for ABA )

Liam Payne, who has six abs, is being called on by his fans to open an OnlyFans account after his debut album tanked in the charts harder than, well, his abs.

After LP1 failed to ship more than 10,000 copies across the US – charting at number 111 on the Billboard 200 – fans of the former One Direction star have been building the blueprints for what is naturally the next step in the singer’s career.

Which is provide adult content on OnlyFans, obviously.

Fans want one thing and one thing only: Liam Payne to start an OnlyFans.

After the news broke that Payne’s album flopped, at least, by the numbers, fans flocked to Twitter to rally on him to give the gays everything they want:

After all, ahead of his album, Payne burst back onto the scene with a seriously shredded look.

Starring in a Hugo Boss campaign where he was simply in briefs, perhaps an echo to the time a fan literally stole a pair of his while he was naked underneath the covers.

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The trajectory of Payne has been contrasted by many fans to that of fellow One Direction member Harry Styles, whom Payne recently referred to himself as the “Antichrist version” of.

Styles’ first solo venture jumped straight to number one with nearly 400,000 sales.