Gay mafia hitman murdered by his own cousin after mob boss declared his lifestyle a ‘disgrace’

Gay mafia hitman

The murder of a gay hitman by his own cousin in 2002 has emerged shortly after it was announced that the Mafia has begun accepting gay men into its ranks.

The murder was revealed by Andrea Mantella, a former mobster who became a valuable source of information for Italian authorities. In the course of a recent investigation he admitted to arranging the death of his gay cousin, Filippo Gangitano, seventeen years ago.

Gangitano, himself a hitman, was living openly with his male partner in the village of Vibo Valentia. Although he was faithful to the clan his homosexuality was branded a “disgrace” which “could not be tolerated” by the ‘Ndrangheta.

After failing to convince mob bosses to have Gangitano expelled, Mantella was ordered to “wash” the honour of his family by arranging his cousin’s death.

La Republicca reports that Mantella told investigators: “I tried to resolve the situation by having him chased away, but both of them told me that these things must not exist… we could not afford to have or have had a gay man in the gang.”

He says he lured Gangitano to a farm where he was shot and buried in an unmarked grave.

Mantella is currently in prison for his role in the Mafia but the evidence he gave is linked to a huge government raid in which 334 people were arrested in early-morning swoops last week.

The Mafia has opened its doors to gay men

It was recently reported that the South Italian Mafia had dropped its ban on homosexuals after learning that a mob boss’s son was living as a fabulous drag queen named Lady Godiva.

Anti-Mafia investigator Nicola Gratteri told The Times that although homosexuality is still taboo among older bosses, the Mafia has relaxed its rules to permit gay men in its lower ranks, as long as they are subtle about it.

Gratteri intercepted “passionate” letters between one crime boss and a young lieutenant, and learned that many Mafia foot soldiers freely enjoy drag bars.

“The Mafia have evolved along with society,” he revealed. “Gays can be accepted now, even as foot soldiers, so long as they don’t parade it in public.”