Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne very publicly cuts ties with ‘fake friend’ Divina de Campo

Divina De Campo and The Vivienne

The Vivienne said she felt a “weight lifted” after calling out Divina de Campo for “constantly discrediting her win”.

The Drag Race UK winner said she was tired of Divina undermining her success and told her rival queen to “grow up”.

“I’ve never entertained fake friendships in my life,” she tweeted.

“Not going to start now.”

The Vivienne spoke after Divina appeared to criticise her in an interview with QX Magazine.

When asked whether she was surprised that she didn’t win Drag Race UK, the Yorkshire-born queen said no and suggested that she didn’t “fit the model that RuPaul likes”.

He likes people who are cut-throat and will smash your kneecaps in, in order to win – that’s not me.

Divina told QX her personal ethos is that she wants “everybody to do well” but wants “to be better than they are”.

“I’m not someone who would go after everyone else to win.”

The Vivienne apologised to fans for the public falling out, but said that she “had to get it off [her] chest”.

The Vivienne and Divina de Campo clashed during Drag Race UK.

Divina De Campo’s relationship with The Vivienne showed signs of strain back in the Drag Race UK werk room.

After Divina and the Frock Destroyers bested The Vivienne in the girl group challenge, the Scouse queen threw shade at Divina’s signature look.

Explaining why she would have chosen Cheryl Hole over her if given the chance, she said: “For the past ten years, I’ve seen Divina in a red wig and a silver dress.”

In the final episode Divina was caught giving The Vivienne a shady look as she spoke about being humble.

When asked by PinkNews whether that was a true reaction, she said: “I’ll leave that up to you. I don’t know if you think she’s been humble throughout the competition or not.

“The more I’ve watched it the more I think she was playing a game, particularly with me.”

Despite this, Divina insisted that there was no animosity between the two.

“Why would there be? She came here to play a game and I came to play a competition and we did and we got to the top two.”