50 Cent’s tasteless joke about Dwyane Wade’s trans daughter shows how low a human being can really go

Dwyane Wade's daughter, Zaya, was the punchline of a joke shared by rapper 50 Cent. (Karwai Tang/Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Rapper 50 Cent sparked controversy Sunday after sharing a crude meme about Dwyane Wade’s trans daughter and R Kelly and absolutely nobody laughed at it.

In the meme, posted on Instagram, it showed Wade with R Kelly at the Ovadia & Sons show at New York Fashion Week in Spring/summer 2016. A year later and Kelly would be accused of trapping six young women in a sex “cult”, Buzzfeed reported.

But in the edit, a text bubble assigned to Kelly reads: “Heard you had a daughter now?”

“You touch her,” the bubble above Wade read, “I’ll kill ya.”

NBA star Wade recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,when he spoke about the moment his daughter came out as trans and asked to be called Zaya.

‘This is someone’s child.’

Kelly has faced allegations of sexually abusing minors spanning for more than two decades, all the while continuing to drop new music. The R&B singer first saw rumours swirl in the late 90s, then reports of a secret marriage to a teenager.

Then lawsuits and a high-profile court case in 2019. Two federal indictments in Illinois and Brooklyn alleged an organised effort from the musician and his associates to recruit and transport underage girls over state lines for illegal sexual purposes.

As a result, the hip hop artist 50 Cent’s meme didn’t exactly sit well with fans and followers. He captioned it: “LOL, now some funny s**t.”

While the post tallied more than 360,000 likes, countless Instagram users upbraided the rapper.

“This is someone’s child,” one detractor said, “not cool.”

Another added: “This not funny.”

“The fact that so many people find this funny is actually sickening,” one outraged user said.

“S**t like this is what drives KIDS int depression or even [dying by] suicide.”

50 Cent aside, not all have been supportive of Zaya. 

An array of other rappers have launched scathing critiques on Wade for his decision to be, well, a loving, supportive parent.

Wanted criticisms and attempts to trade anti-trans barbs with the sportsperson have included Young Thug deliberately misgendering and then spouting: “God doesn’t make mistakes.”

Musician Boosie Badazz blasted Zaya, too. Similarly misgendering Zaya and imploring Wade to “not cut [Zaya’s] d**k off”.