Love is Blind star slams ‘urban media’ for biphobic treatment: ‘Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT+ Black life’

Carlton Morton Love is Blind bisexual

A contestant on Netflix show Love is Blind has slammed the media for the biphobic treatment he has experienced since he came out as bisexual on the show.

Carlton Morton, who made headlines when he came out as bisexual to his girlfriend on the hit Netflix show, hit out at the media on Instagram for the biphobic questioning he has faced.

“I’m really done,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“Thanks for the press requests, bookings, etc. I am not doing any press/bookings as of today’s radio interview.”

He slammed “urban media”, saying it had been “the worst” to him.

“Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT+ Black life,” he added.

Bisexual Love is Blind contestant Carlton Morton has faced unfair questions since coming out on the show.

“Also, so called ‘celebrity’ friends on social media have every opportunity to defend my CHARACTER yet they don’t! I’ve argued for tons of people. Y’all see ANY of those people speaking up for me? I’M DONE.”

In a caption alongside the post, he wrote: “Thanks for the three of y’all who supported me in this. I feel alone and don’t want any of this life anymore. I’m fighting ALONE. And it HURTS.”

He later added on his Instagram story: “Thanks for the kind messages. On not so good days like today, it means a lot to me.”

Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT+ Black life.

Morton was a contestant on Love is Blind, a dating show where men and women are put in pods and can hear each other but not see each other. The couples date for ten days without seeing each other and can see each other face-to-face after that period if they choose to get engaged.

On the show, Morton and his girlfriend Diamond Jack decided to get engaged – but the relationship immediately crumbled when they met face-to-face.

When they met, Morton came out as bisexual to Jack, who reacted with anger, resulting in an immediate end to the relationship.

Since then, Morton has faced a number of biphobic questions. One of these came last month when he was asked on a radio show called The Morning Culture to “make a choice” between men and women.

“You understand how incorrect that is and how offensive that is to bisexual people?” Morton replied.

“You are basically wiping them out by saying they have to make a choice.”

Morton’s ex-fiancé regrets reacting the way she did to his coming out.

Morton’s ex-fiancé Jack has since said she regrets reacting angrily when he came out as bisexual.

Almost a year and a half after Love is Blind was filmed, the pair spoke to People and Diamond has now said that she regrets her reaction.

She said: “I would change the approach of it. I was trying to be very understanding, but I had questions because I’ve never been with a bisexual man.

“I don’t really know that community that well, but I respect the community. I love the community. I just had questions.

“Maybe I should have been more encouraging and maybe start off saying: ‘I’m happy you were able to open up to me. I’m happy you’re able to bring this to my attention at this moment in time.’ Or, ‘I’m happy you came out. I know this is very hard for you to do that.’

“That possibly could have changed that whole outcome of how we were aggressive toward each other.”