The next season of Love is Blind won’t include any LGBT couples due to ‘logistical difficulties’

Love is Blind won’t include any LGBT couples due to ‘logistical difficulties’

Netflix’s Love is Blind hasn’t been confirmed for a second season yet, but the producer has already ruled out the possibility of introducing LGBT+ couples.

The dating show everyone’s talking about bills itself as “a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person”. They must then test their relationships in the real world, before getting married (or not, as the case may be).

But Love is Blind producer Chris Coelen claimed that the show isn’t actually about sexuality, and that introducing LGBT+ relationships in the show’s current format would create “logistical difficulties”.

Speaking to Metro about whether a future season could be more LGBT-inclusive, he said: “This is not a show that is particularly about sexuality.

“But with that said… I do think that, based on the setup of it, a LGBTQ+ version of that has some logistical difficulties in the current setup.”

He did not explain exactly what these “logistical difficulties” are, but conceded that “some sort of variation” on the show’s current format could “potentially” work. “I would love to figure that out,” he added.

The dating show hasn’t exactly handled LGBT+ issues well in the past. In the last 10-part season, one relationship was torn apart when a male contestant came out as bisexual to the fury of his female fiancé.

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack had completed ten days of “pod” dates before Carlton popped the question. They met in person and were “excited to make a beautiful life together”, until Morton revealed his sexuality.

His coming out was at first greeted with silence and a blank stare from Diamond, so Carlton continued: “It’s a lot to accept, I get it. It’s OK.”

Echoing a damaging and pervasive stereotype about bisexuality, Diamond eventually asked: “My question is how do you know I’m the love of your life? Do you ever feel like you need to go date another man?”

He reassured her that that was “the biggest misconception in the world”, but it was enough for Diamond to end the relationship, and the following day the engagement ring ended up at the bottom of the pool.

After he left the show Morton slammed the media for the barrage of biphobic questioning he was faced after he was told to “make a choice” between men and women.