These three 11-year-old girls knew exactly what to do when their teacher turned out to be a homophobic bully

Homophobic, bullying teacher called out by three 11-year-old schoolgirls

Three fifth-grade school girls knew exactly what to do when they saw homophobic bullying from a teacher.

An 11-year-old boy in Utah was subjected to a homophobic rant by his substitute teacher, after saying he was thankful to be adopted by his two dads.

Daniel is currently in the process of being adopted by two gay dads, Louis van Amstel – a Dancing with the Stars choreographer and dancer – and his husband, Joshua Lancaster.

When Daniel shared with the class that he was thankful for his new family, the teacher responded by telling him that “two men is wrong” and “homosexuality is wrong”.

Retelling the incident in a Twitter video, Van Amstel said: “So this just happened. We got a call from Daniel’s school. The substitute teacher asked all the kids what they’re thankful for, which is sweet right, just before Thanksgiving.

“Well, Daniel – and I got choked up when he said it – he is thankful that he’s finally being adopted by his two dads. The substitute teacher was giving her very clear opinion about it: two men is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, and, yeah. So you can imagine, that set us off and we are not letting this go.

“I am so proud of Daniel’s school, not only did they let go of the teacher they said this woman is never going to teach in this school ever again.

“And Daniel didn’t even want to say anything to get the teacher in trouble.

“Three girls from his class…”

Van Amstel went on to share that it was three of Daniel’s classmates who reported the incident to the school.

“Three girls asked her [the substitute teacher] multiple times to stop,” Van Amstel said.

“When she didn’t they went to the principles office to complain. I’m proud of those three girls and Daniel’s school for standing up for our family against this bully.”

Actor Patricia Arquette replied to Van Amstel, sharing her support: “I’m really sorry your son had to go through that but so happy that he has his Fathers to help him through this and so glad he knows his classmates and Principle has his back.

“Congratulations to you and your beautiful family for finding each other.”

Others also shared their support, and praised the three young girls for doing the right thing in the face of homophobic bullying.

“This made me cry! Good for those three girls for sticking up for your boy! Congrats on the adoption! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!” one person tweeted.