People are so bored they’re trying to cancel Timothée Chalamet for using a homophobic slur in a play back in 2016

In an effort not to succumb to the despair of the current coronavirus pandemic, fans are debating cancelling Timothée Chalamet. (David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Do you remember 2016? Brangelina divorced, #KimExposedTaylorParty was a thing, people annoyed teens named Daniel over their white Vans and top-tier twink Timothée Chalamet did a live reading of Tennessee.

Well, do you miss 2016? Are you bored out of your mind working from home and trying desperately to avoid your mental health be seized by the coronavirus pandemic? Why not cancel someone!

That’s what scions of the internet are debating doing after #TimothéeChalametIsOverParty began to radiate across Twitter Wednesday as footage of Chalamet reading of the play – which saw him say “dyke” – resurfaced and sparked both criticism and support.

Should you emotionally prepare for what you’re about to read?


Splitting Twitter cleanly in half, some LGBT+ users and allies are labelling the actor as “problematic”, while others are giving detractors Acting 101 classes from the comfort of their bedrooms.

A chorus of critics is saying that Chalamet has no right to use the homophobic slur even if it is scripted. Others upbraided this argument by saying he was simply doing his job and… reading a script.

“Try to cancel Timmy for this s**t and I riot,” an impassioned supporter of the Call Me by Your Name actor wrote. “It was a f**king script and he had to read it, what the actual f**k, have you ever heard of acting.”

“Just cause he had to read script doesn’t make it OK for him to say dyke stop defending problematic people,” a carper voiced.

Critics explained that hesitation to cancel the actor may stem from Chalamet’s intense whiteness, maleness, his aggressively square-jaw and how he is “cute”.

But  Timothée Chalamet stans were sufficiently unimpressed with this argument.

Seeking to tamper down criticism by reminding the world of Chalamet’s LGBT+ advocacy in the past.

Other users leafed through dictionaries to find the definition of acting.

Heck, even fancam accounts barrelled into the Timothée Chalamet debate. 

And one user managed to sketch out the reality of the situation, that the general public, with many lives paralysed by lockdown strategies in trying efforts to contain the viral outbreak, are bored.

Really, really, really bored, and we all need a distraction. So deciding whether to cancel the straight prince of twinks keeps some people occupied during this distraction.

We hope this story today was a sufficient distraction. Remember to wash your hands!