‘Embarrassed’ husband hurls homophobic abuse at ex for being in a relationship with a woman

An ex-husband broke into his former wife's home and unleashed a torrent of homophobic abuse simple because she was in a new relationship with a woman. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

Bursting into his estranged wife’s home, an “embarrassed” ex-husband proceeded to launched a salvo of homophobic abuse at her simply for being in a relationship with a woman.

Craig Reece, 39, “lost control” when his ex told him she had a girlfriend and sent a wave of homophobic text messages at her before bursting into her home, forcing her to barricade herself in her room for safety.

English magistrates at North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard how Reece tossed a microwave ditched on the curb into her window in the Fenton property on January 11, Stoke-on-Trent Live reported.

Enraged man heaves microwave into ex-wife’s home simply because she loves a woman. 

Courts were told that Reece’s 11-yearslong marriage came to an end last December.

Since calling it quits, the pair had been mostly amicable until the ex brought up her budding relationship with a woman over the phone.

Prosecutor Hayley Keegan said: “She explained she was in a new relationship with a female.

“Mr Reece reacted with verbal abuse during the call.

“He then sent her numerous text messages which were abusive and homophobic.

“The last text was received at 12.30am on January 11.

“At that point she heard banging outside the address.

“It was Mr Reece.

“Being fearful, she ran upstairs and barricaded herself in her room. She called 999.”

Former spouse trapped in home as enraged ‘homophobic’ ex goes ‘out of control’.

Eventually, prosecutors said, a frustrated Reece, a recycling company driver, threw the kitchen appliance which had been discarded in the street into her window.

He then proceeded to kick a hole in the door and entered her home along Surtees Grove.

Keegan continued: “Throughout this, the injured party was on the phone to the police.

“He was shouting homophobic abuse. He said: ‘‘You’re lucky you’re behind that door, I would be kicking your head in’.”

Magistrate Christopher Rushton described how the situation could have swelled into something “nasty”.

“We understand you were emotionally charged at the time,” he said, “but you were virtually out of control.”

Law enforcement sped to the scene and arrested Reece, who told cops he was “embarrassed” at what friends would make of his behaviour.

The Fenton local pleaded guilty to using force to enter a property, sending offensive messages and causing criminal damage.

Courts handed down a 12-month community order with a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement and 80-hours unpaid work.