This ‘mostly straight’ guy is falling for his bisexual roommate while they’re stuck together in lockdown

Mostly straight guy falls for bisexual roommate in coronavirus lockdown

A “mostly straight” guy is falling for his roommate during coronavirus lockdown, who kisses him on the forehead and tucks him in while he’s sleeping.

He posted his dilemma on a relationship advice subReddit, and said he would refer to his roommate with the pseudonym “Jake”.

He wrote: “Jake’s a pretty casually physically affectionate guy in general… I’m not as much that way as he is because I was kinda raised in ‘men don’t hug’ kinda household where physical affection was rarely given, if it was given at all, but I’m cool with him being like that and actually kinda appreciate it.”

The two men are currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, and have only had each other for company.

The original poster (OP) said he has a condition which causes extreme fatigue and so he needs to take naps during the day, and used to do this on the sofa when his roommate was out.

He said: “Since quarantine, he’s obviously been here every time. He’s been very accommodating and sweet about it.

“Our living room can get pretty cold, so if I fall asleep without a blanket, he’ll pop one over me so I don’t freeze. It started out being just that; I’d fall asleep without a blanket and wake up with one. Then, a couple of times, I woke up and he was sitting up the top of the couch and he was just casually playing with my hair which I… actually really love more than I thought I ever would, very soothing.

“Then, about a week ago, I guess he thought I was asleep before I was because he tucked a blanket over me and then gave me a lil’ kiss on my forehead… And I liked it. Like I really liked it.

“To the point where I’ve literally been pretending to fall asleep sooner than I’m ready to actually sleep in hopes he’ll do it again, which he has been. He sometimes strokes my cheek or my hair a little bit too which, oh my God, that’s even better.”

The OP said he’s not sure what his feelings mean as he considers himself “mostly straight”, whereas Jake has had relationships with both men and women.

But, he added: “I’d really kinda be OK with it/like it if he started giving me these lil’ forehead kisses while I’m awake too.”

Addressing the topic of the poster’s sexuality, most commenters were supportive of a little self-exploration during coronavirus lockdown.

One wrote: “The cool thing about sexuality is that it is so flexible in the sense that you set the definitions and terminology for yourself.

“No need to feel the pressure of putting any label on yourself, there are plenty of people who would be considered by society ‘bisexual’ but don’t personally identify as such.

“Labels are not necessarily a bad thing… however have peace in mind that this is not mandatory, it’s your life – do what you feel is best.”

Another commenter suggested keeping it simple when expressing his feelings: “Just a sleepy ‘love that’ and leave it in his court.”

Although most thought the story was sweet, lots of comments also drew attention to the issue of consent. 

One person summed it up perfectly: “It’s just a luck of the draw that he likes it. But normal adults don’t go for kisses while someone is asleep with someone they aren’t in a relationship with, where that is confirmed to be OK.”


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