Diplo cast his own Tiger King movie starring Amanda Seyfried and Prince Charles, and we would like to see it

American DJ Diplo (L) wants to play Joe Exotic in an adaptation of Tiger King. ( David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images/Netflix)

Diplo, the American DJ whose resemblance to Joe Exotic is so uncanny even Exotic’s husband can see it, now wants his own Hollywood version of Tiger King.

The 41-year-old, real name Thomas Pentz, has a talent for somehow being all of us during the coronavirus pandemic. He no longer has a comprehension of time, is happily horny on main now, because why not, and eats while working from home.

In continuing this glorious reputation, Diplo is now obsessed over the Netflix docu-series that has become our sole form of entertainment amid lockdown.

He tweeted Tuesday his dream cast for his own version of Tiger King where he stars as, of course, Exotic.

Who plays who in Diplo’s dream cast?

Amanda Seyfried as Carole Baskin, the animal rights activist and founder of Big Cat Rescue, is something the world well and truly needs to be gifted with.

Considering that Prince Charles – who was tested positive for COVID-19 – is only self-isolating for seven days instead of the recommended 14 days by the World Health Organisation and nearly all healthcare providers, leaders, experts and advocates – he’ll be out in no time and ready to play Carole’s husband Howard.

Tiger King: Netflix crime doc based on 'gun-toting gay redneck' Joe Exotic

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic was jailed for trying to have an animal rights activist murdered. (Netflix)

Exotic’s colourful roster of former and current husbands definitely demands an equally colourful cast.

Wesley chose Christian Slater to play as the gap-toothed John Finlay, and a moustachioed Ashton Kutcher to play as gentle giant, Travis Moldonado.

And last, but certainly not least, Doc Antle, who once wrangled a tiger for Britney Spears, played by Tim Robbins.

There’s going to be a fictionalised TV adaptation of Tiger King soon.

Diplo’s dream team comes as a brand new TV series based on the events of Tiger King was announced, Deadline reported last November.

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon. (Getty Images)

Actor Kate McKinnon is set to play Carole for the Universal Content Production live-action adaptation.

Dozens of celebrities have thrown their hats into the ring to play exotic, such as Dax Shepard, Jared Leto, Shane West and Edward Norton.

But we will forever and only stan Diplo to play titular Tiger King.