This woman is questioning her sexuality because her lesbian roommate is ‘flirting’ with her through Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Two female roommates separated by the coronavirus are living out a virtual love story on Animal Crossing, ramping up the game’s cuteness levels by approximately 10,000 per cent.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is having a moment right now as bored and isolated people around the globe happily sink their time into a magical island world governed by a capitalist racoon.

Improvements to the online play feature allow friends to easily send gifts and visit each others’ islands, making it the perfect social-distancing accompaniment to a global pandemic.

One 18-year-old player made use of this function to keep in touch with her roommate when their dorm was closed due to coronavirus, and their relationship quickly went from friendly to flirty in a way that could only happen in Animal Crossing.

“It started when I saw a painting she had displayed on her island of both of our avatars with little hearts around them,” she wrote on Reddit’s relationships forum.

“I thought it was cute (in a platonic way) and I knew she had put a lot of time into it so I displayed it on my island as well.

“Since then she’s been sending me letters with hearts on them, visiting my island even more frequently, and even trying to kick my favourite villager (Beau) off her island so he can come to mine.”

Their Animal Crossing courtship continued from there, with the friends even wearing each others’ clothes. The confused player notes that her roommate is openly gay, but she herself isn’t sure about her sexuality.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released on Nintendo Switch last month (Nintendo)

“[My roommate] seemed to get a lot of attention from girls around campus, which I found myself somewhat jealous of but I figured it was just me being a protective friend,” she wrote.

“Now, though, I’m not so sure.”

The flirting soon moved outside the game, escalating to compliments, goodnight texts, Snapchat streaks and cute nicknames.

“The thing is, I like it,” the woman wrote. “She makes me feel loved like I’ve never felt loved before. She makes me feel happy about having romantic feelings rather than scared and disgusted.

“I’m not sure if I have feelings for her because honestly I don’t know what that feels like but she makes me feel so happy.”

She concludes her post: “I don’t know if she’s actually flirting with me or trying to make me feel less alone during the pandemic but either way, I’m feeling something.

“Should I tell her how I feel or should I wait until quarantine ends to see if she feels the same way?”

Reddit responded with a unanimous yes – she’s definitely into you.

“Go with the flow. You never know what can happen,” one commenter wrote. “Don’t look back on this moment a decade or two from now and go ‘what if’. Look back on this moment and say ‘no regrets’.”

“Tell her how you’re feeling!” another agreed. “You never know what will happen until you try but I think it’ll work out really well for y’all.”