This week’s Drag Race elimination has some fans calling shade

Michelle Visage, RuPaul, Ross Matthews and Chaka Khan behind the Drag Race season 12 judging table

Drag Race season 12 hurtles towards its inevitable Zoom finale, with Chaka Khan helping RuPaul narrow the queens down from top eight to top seven.

The eighth episode of any season of Drag Race is usually where the endgame comes in to sight.

In previous years we’ve seen Snatch Games, Rusicals and roasts slotted in here – but this year, RuPaul decided to switch things up with a return to the marketing challenge.

After getting into quick drag to sip tea and talk s**t about their Drag Race season 12 sisters, the queens were tasked with creating a bougie branded product for the latest overpriced lifestyle store, Droop.

But not before Jaida Essence Hall delivered the read of Drag Race season 12.

On set, Crystal Methyd decided to tap into Ru’s thirst over her hair, turning engineer to create a Magic Mullet.

Heidi sold us her hydrating lotion, though her look felt familiar to some.

On the main stage, the category was black wedding.

Despite her impeccable Dior-inspired look, Gigi Goode was deemed Gigi Meh, and declared safe.

Sherry Pie was given screen time and critiques for her lacklustre commercial, but lived to be edited out of another episode.

Ultimately, it was Heidi’s turn to finally win her first challenge of Drag Race season 12.

Widow’s throat-coating spray didn’t leave the judges gagging, and to add insult to injury, she was voted most deserving to go home by each of her sisters.

Jan’s high-energy performance hit a hit a bum note with the judges.

And after lip-syncing against Widow, it was time to say bye, Jan.

A decision which divided Drag Race fans.

Thankfully, Drag Race royalty Courtney Act was on hand to settle the matter.

Nonetheless, have a feeling we’ll haven’t seen the last of Simply Jan. All Stars, anyone?

Drag Race season 12 continues on Fridays on VH1 in the US, and Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.