Trinity the Tuck is recreating Drag Race winners’ most iconic looks and it is everything

Trinity the Tuck paid tribute to Bianca Del Rio, Sasha Velour and Sharon Needles.

Trinity the Tuck is putting her own spin on her favourite Drag Race winners’ looks and maybe it is RuPaul’s Best Friend Race after all?

The All Stars 4 winner is posting a new series of images each week, recreating iconic looks from the likes of Sasha Velour, Sharon Needles and Jinkx Monsoon with an emphasis on body-ody-ody.

Trinity explained that she and her boyfriend Leo Llanos, who is creating the looks for her, want to celebrate and pay homage to all her fellow Drag Race winners.

“We are not trying to out do the winners in our tribute,” she said.

“There’s no competition here. We are showing what we would create with the same concept mixing the winners style with my own.”

Trinity began the project with Bebe Zahara Benet-inspired leopard print look.

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“Bebe is known for catsuits and animal print so in this look I chose one of her most iconic runways,” she wrote.

“Because I didn’t want to appropriate her culture in this iconic look, I took pieces from her original concept and I added my own twist to them to respectfully pay homage to her.”

For season two winner Tyra Sanchez, Trinity chose a flowing green and pink number.

“I first met Tyra at the Parliament House in Orlando before I was on Drag Race,” she said.

“I was performing in a show and she was out of drag and there to have fun. Tyra was extremely sweet to me and from then on I have been a huge fan of this incredibly beautiful queen!”

Trinity’s Raja tribute is her iconic one-eyed catsuit werk room look.

“This queen has a master’s degree in FIERCE,” she wrote.

“Leo and I chose this look because it’s very original and I LOVE the cyclops idea with a very glam edge which Raja slayed.

“Raja is very fashion forward and unique so this look represented her so well.”

For season four winner Sharon Needles, Trinity and Leo went full gothic glam.

“I chose this look because to me its one of the most memorable promo looks of a girl to ever come out of the show,” Trinity wrote on Instagram.

“This look represent Sharon because she has a very unique and alternative look to drag.”

To celebrate Jinkx Monsoon, Trinity recreated her Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) look.

“Leo and I chose this look because it was one of her most original looks and there’s so many ways to interpret the Day of the Dead,” she wrote.

“Leo did almost the entirety of this look as he wanted to honour his Mexican heritage by doing everything more authentic to his culture.”

Trinity paid tribute to Bianca de Rio with a take on one of her signature boat neck gowns.

“She comes across on social media, tv and her live shows as someone who is frankly, a b***h,” Trinity wrote.

“But what people don’t know is that she’s one of the MOST caring and kind queens to ever come out of Drag Race.”

When it came to honouring season seven winner Violet Chachki, the only option was her Barbarella meets Hello Kitty look.

“One year when I was traveling with Werk The World, Kim Chi and I realised it was Violets birthday,” she wrote.

“We were out in whatever city we were in looking for an appropriate gift to give her. Knowing Violet is into fashion and fetish we stumbled across an adult fetish store! JUST OUR LUCK! We ended up giving her a purple rhinestoned a**plug… I wonder if she’s ever used it.”

For her season eight look, Trinity walked in purse first wearing a version of Bob the Drag Queen’s book ball look.

“My first impression of Bob on season eight was that their makeup and fashion definitely needed an update BUT I quickly became a HUGE fan as the season went on because of their remarkable humour and impeccable acting skills,” she wrote.

“Since the show, with the elevation of makeup and stunning fashion (why ya’ll gagging) Bob has become an undisputed, powerful queen in everything they do! This b***h is FIERCE and this look is actually one of my favourite Bob looks.”

Trinity’s most recent effort saw her recreate Sasha Velour’s “So Emotional” lip-sync look.

“There was one clear choice, the ONLY choice of her looks I really wanted to reimagine,” she wrote.

“I remember hosting the season 9 tour and watching her perform for the first time from the side of the stage. When Sasha was on stage she just captivated me with the story she was telling.

“By the end of her number I just had chills. I don’t know any other artist who puts more work and thought into every single number they do in a show.”

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