Ariana Grande is already ‘crying’ over her Lady Gaga duet as Chromatica anticipation reaches fever pitch

Ariana Grande's new single 'yes, and?' is here. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande will duet on “Rain On Me” on the former’s new album Chromatica, and the ‘thank u, next’ singer is already “crying” over fans’ excitement.

Chromatica leaks and tidbits are becoming an all too familiar part of life for Lady Gaga stans. Another day, another rumour.

Many fans have sought to dull the pain of coronavirus lockdown by surviving on the scraps of theories surrounding the upcoming album, which is set to feature a collaboration between the singer and Ariana Grande.

“Rain On Me”, the fabled duet between Grande and Gaga who jointly invented the ability to hear so we can listen to the song, has sparked endless pieces of fan art and countless alleged release dates as fans eagerly wait for its official drop.

Over the weekend it was rumoured that the stars have already filmed a video for the track, but its release date remains a mystery.

But it seems that stans’ artwork is so convincing that when a Gaga page posted fan-made image for the collab on Sunday (April 26), its realism even briefly fooled Grande herself, who couldn’t help but applaud the creator, 20-year-old artist Nico, for being “talented”.

Facts are facts, after all.

Ariana Grande cries over fan-made Lady Gaga Chromatica artwork. 

“Why am I crying,” the “Sweetener” hitmaker tweeted, “also, these edits?”

“People are so talented, the f**k.”

A fan responded to Grande’s emotional response to seeing the artwork by saying what basically what everyone was thinking: “I thought these were real for a sec, what the f**k.”

“S**t,” Grande hit back, “me, too. I was like, when did we shoot that?”

‘Ariana is such a sweetheart and the fact that she said my edit fooled her is such a huge compliment!’

The artwork was designed by Nico, an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nico was also the mind behind the “#ShallowBucks” hashtag, which purported that by streaming the Gaga song, fans could enjoy a free Starbucks.

It was totally fake, but stans diligently shared the false digital promotion in an effort to get the song to number one. It ultimately did, prompting stans to repeat the scam for “Stupid Love”.

Clearly, Nico is the CEO of duping the world in the name of idolising pop icons.

“Ariana called me talented,” Nico wrote in reaction to Grande sharing his art, “I’m going to scream, this means so much to me.”

“It was such an honour having someone with such a large platform comment on my fan art,” Nico told PinkNews, “and it made me respect Ariana so much more than I already did.

“Having someone so talented and well known take the time out of their day to recognise your art is so special, and it meant the world to me as an artist.

“It really made me feel valued. Ariana is such a sweetheart and the fact that she said my edit fooled her is such a huge compliment!”