Celebrity Drag Race fans call shade as it’s RuVealed Trixie, Bob and Monét didn’t make over their contestants – these queens did

RuPaul looking shocked

Celebrity Drag Race fans were surprised to learn the returning Queens Supreme weren’t actually the ones who made over the celebrity contestants.

On Friday (April 24) fans watched gleefully as Bob the Drag Queen, Monét X Change and Trixie Mattel returned to the werk room to transform three stars into baby drag queens for the first-ever Celebrity Drag Race.

The returning queens coached the contestants through a makeover mini challenge and an extra special edition of Snatch Game, before introducing their new drag alter egos to the runway.

Bob was tasked with apprenticing comedian Jermaine Fowler, Monét was paired with actor and activist Nico Tortorella, and Trixie joined forces with Riverdale star Jordan Connor.

But after the episode aired, it emerged that these three queens weren’t the ones who had made over the celebrities, as many had assumed.

Instead, there was a second trio of Drag Race royalty who had been charged with beating the celebrity mugs.

Trixie Mattel admitted on Twitter that she’d only done “a little bit” of Connor’s make-up, explaining that season eight’s Laila McQueen “did the most”.

Monét X Change let it be known that Tortorella’s transformation was the handiwork of season one queen Shannel.

Though Bob presented Fowler on the MainStage, Mayhem Miller revealed on Instagram that she’d had the “pleasure [of] painting” his drag alter ego Miss Mimi Teapot.

Mayhem, Shannel and Laila were all given a “creative consultant” credit in the episode’s end titles, under their real names. However some were disappointed that the show hadn’t given the queens their proper dues by showing them on-screen.

One fan pointed out that the show had gone to pains to not feature the queens actually responsible for the final transformations.

After the episode aired, season 10 winner Aquaria said out loud what most fans were thinking – that celebrity part of the title was doing some heavy lifting.