Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk is giving Animal Crossing interior design tips and it’s unbelievably wholesome

Queer Eye star Bobby Berk gave Animal Crossing: New Horizon fans a masterclass in home decor. (Jesse Grant/Getty Images/Nintendo)

Queer Eye‘s resident interiors expert Bobby Berk is doing the Lord’s work by giving design tips to Animal Crossing fans.

Acting as a candy-coloured subtitle to life outside (remember oxygen, sunshine and human interaction?), Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch came out at just the right time as millions became housebound amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The franchise sees players take control of a lone person on an island filled with aggressively cute and cheerful characters, where bags of money fall from shaking trees and a talking capitalist tycoon in a Hawaiian shirt approves you for a mortgage.

Players start the game with nothing more than a flimsy tent, but after some hard work (and a lot of mortgage payments) it soon becomes a mansion that’s the envy of all your pudgy neighbours. But how to design your e-house?

Enter Berk, who saw his mentions be flooded Tuesday after the official Queer Eye account rallied for fans to send screenshots of player’s virtual abodes for him to critique.

For starters, he made his 429,000 followers all google what ‘pink shiplap’ is. 

Before giving us flashbacks to Queer Eye by sassily commenting on one user’s, uh, interesting aesthetic. 

Bobby Berk also approved of any vaguely witch-styled Animal Crossing house. 

Oh, and one Animal Crossing player designed their bathroom to be like hell, because why not?

And apparently, Antoni Porowski’s place is stuffed with plants and, we imagine, some avocados.

Bobby Berk also gave some, well, actual tips and design suggestions for Animal Crossing players coupled with words of encouragement.