Bob the Drag Queen walked into the Celebrity Drag Race backlash purse first and left her haters quite simply speechless

Bob the Drag Queen on Celebrity Drag Race

Celebrity Drag Race star Bob the Drag Queen hit out at critics who complained about her making a second appearance on the spin-off.

Bob the Drag Queen will return to Celebrity Drag Race this Friday (May 8), two weeks after she made over comedian Jermaine Fowler in the show’s premiere episode.

While the majority were overjoyed to be getting a second helping of Bob, a small but vocal group of so-called fans complained about the lack of variety.

“So many drag queens from early seasons and even new seasons that we want to see and you put Bob again?” read one comment.

“I mean yes she is great but why not give the opportunity to other queens?”

Bob the Drag Queen has no time for Celebrity Drag Race backlash.

The season eight winner shut down any criticism with an abrupt response.

“If I had to guess you would assume they chose me for Snatch Game because i won my season, and they chose me for The Roast because I am a professional comedian. Just a guess though,” she wrote.

When one follower suggested it was fair game to question “why we get the same queen twice” when there are “16 other Snatch Game winners and countless other comedians,” Bob hit back with: “How many of the other comedians have two stand up specials with five stars available on iTunes and Amazon? Asking for a friend.”

Bob points out the racial undertone of criticism against her.

Many pointed out the obvious – that Bob, as a Black queen, is criticised far more heavily, and more often than her white counterparts.

Bob has acknowledged the fandom at large’s race issue on a number of times, and tweeted: “The Drag Race fans are complaining about a person of colour on their screens?

“I can’t believe they took a break from bullying Brita to come over and give me some attention.”

Season 10 winner Aquaria shared her disappointment, tweeting: “Really blows my mind how people can continue to spew hate… let alone to one of the most kind, hilarious, perfected, well-rounded entertainers from this show.

“Really hurts to see this show garner such a hateful and racist fanbase despite the message of inclusivity we preach.”

Drag Race‘s race issue is well publicised.

Bob and Aquaria aren’t alone in calling out the Drag Race fandom’s race issue.

In April, season nine and All Stars 3 contestant Aja told PinkNews they’ve experienced “everything from the policing of my race to the erasure of my race, to people picking and choosing what they think my race is just so they can judge me based on however they want to judge”.

Bebe Zahara Benet has also called out the problem, telling PinkNews in February: “It’s unfortunate that a show that has catapulted so many queer entertainers of colour into the spotlight gets tarnished by these so-called fans, who tear down one another and entertainers because of their race.”