Lady Gaga just announced the fabled release date for Chromatica and the gays are seriously freaking out

Lady Gaga announced a revised release date for Chromatica. (Twitter)

It’s happening – Lady Gaga announced Wednesday afternoon that her long-awaited and achingly delayed sixth studio album, Chromatica, will drop May 29.

Who knew that her teaser single “Stupid Love” actually contained the hidden blueprint of how to react in this situation: “Freak out! Freak Out! Freak out!”

“The journey continues,” Gaga tweeted, causing countless Little Monsters to throw their phones and implode into singularities of pure euphoria.

“You can officially join me on Chroamtica on May 29.”

Lady Gaga gives official release date for Chromatica and the gays go, well, gaga.

Once splintered factions of stan Twitter – Little Monsters, Arianators, Blinkers and Elton John fans – united to hyperventilate and type furiously in all caps at the news.

The day they never thought would come had finally arrived. Members of the heterosexual public have already filed countless noise complaints of LGBT+ people loudly belting the lyrics to “Stupid Love” in celebration of Chromatica‘s revised release date becoming a reality.

For those wondering how they can better express their faith in Gaga, 34-year-old musician, who invented the ability to hear in 2008 so we could listen to her music, also provided a sufficiently helpful smarturl link so users can pre-order Chromatica across an array of digital streaming services.

Gaga’s comeback, which will be even greater than Jesus’, comes after the “Bad Romance” hitmaker postponed her album to funnel her focus on raising money and awareness for healthcare providers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And raise money she did, after curating a star-studded line-up for the eight-hourslong digital telethon One World Together, she raised almost $128million for the World Health Organization and other regional responses to COVID-19.

With an official date cemented by Gaga, fans can breathe a sigh of relief that the last few weeks – roiled by daily leaks, alleged releases and claimed collaborations – weren’t just a fever dream or collective hallucination.

Now fans will likely be ticking off the days on their digital calendars until the drop of an album with features a historic duet with Elton John as well as Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK.