Drag Race fans think RuPaul just let slip the gag of the season as new trailer hints at finale change

RuPaul and Crystal Methyd

The latest Drag Race trailer has fans convinced RuPaul will be crowning the winner as soon as next week.

Drag Race season 12 will narrow down to its final four this Friday (May 15), with a new trailer confirming that the remaining queens will battle out in a musical performance challenge.

The teaser says there are “only two episodes left” in the season, appearing to confirm that the finale will take place a week earlier than planned.

Friday’s episode is the last time we’ll see the queens in the werk room. Typically, the contestants would then come together for a sit-down reunion before the grand finale, with Netflix UK still showing three planned episodes left for this season.

It’s widely thought coronavirus has put paid to those plans, with many speculating that the season will end with a Zoom reunion, at the end of which RuPaul will crown the winner.

Although one fan had a slightly different idea.

Hasn’t Drag Race already found its top four?

After RuPaul told Heidi N Closet to sashay away last week, just five queens remain in the running: Jaida Essence Hall, Gigi Goode, Crystal Methyd, Jackie Cox and Sherry Pie.

Drag Race has already confirmed that Sherry Pie will not appear in the finale after she acknowledged a string of cat-fishing allegations, meaning we already have, in effect, our top four.

It isn’t clear whether RuPaul will bring back the fifth-place queen to replace Sherry (assuming – as many have – that she makes it to the top four), or whether the top three will just go forward.

What is certain is that after season 12 concludes, Drag Race fans won’t have a second to breathe as the franchise rolls straight into All Stars 5, which starts June 5.

RuPaul recently confirmed the cast of All Stars 5, with Shea Couleé, Jujubee, Ongina and Miz Cracker among the queens returning.