Gay guy tells his mum ‘bussy’ means ‘boy’ and the result is everything you’d expect

A gay guy's mum, after being told "bussy" meant "boy", innocently used her new favourite word in some emails. (Twitter)

In today’s edition of ‘Things That Happen To A Gay Man That Could Be A 90s Sitcom B-Plot’, a gay man told his mother that “bussy” means “boy” and the result is absolutely everything you’d expect.

Actor Jon Manganello, from Michigan, US, took to Twitter Thursday (May 13) to share to the world a series of emails and text exchanges as cursed as it is hilarious. In other words, 2020 incarnate.

“She just sent photos of me and my brothers from our trip to Paris,” Manganello explained, paired with a screenshot of three emails from his mum.

But, uh. Well, we feel human language is far too simple, far too limited to truly capture the chaotic good energy of the following email headings.

Gay son has to ask his mother: ‘Do you know what Bussy means?’

She endearingly replaces “boy” with, er, “bussy” in the email headings. Creating a series of sentences that should in no way exist and even reading them counts as second-hand sin.

“One little bussy in the Eiffle Tower”, reads one. “Two bussy’s at L’Arc de Triumph”, another says.

And who could forget, “Three Bussy’s in Pairs”, which totally does not read as if Sean Cody did feature-length films.

Manganello later texted his mum to clarify what “bussy” actually means.

“I had to say something,” he tweeted, showing an iMessage he sent her saying: “Do you know what Bussy means? Bussy means boy p***y.”

“I know,” his mum responds, “how about Bunt?”

“No,” Manganello tersely hits back.

Quickly tallying more than 9,400 retweets and nearly 98,000 likes, as LGBT+ Twitter does best, cue a myriad of “SCREAMING” quote tweets and wit in Manganello’s mentions.