In a shocking Married at First Sight twist, its first lesbian bride is facing ‘blazing homophobia’ before her season has even aired in the US

Married at First sight lesbian couple

The first lesbian couple on the Australian version of Married at First Sight have said they’ve been bombarded with homophobic abuse as the season gets ready to air in the US.

Married at First Sight is an American reality TV show based on a Danish series of the same name.

The show takes blind dates to a whole new level as it sees couples matched by experts, who agree to marry each other as soon as they meet.

Tash Herz was the first lesbian on Married at First Sight Australia to search for a bride, and she was paired with, and married, Amanda Micallef.

Although their marriage eventually came to an end, their season is set to air in the US for the first time on Wednesday, May 27.

But before the first episode has even aired, Herz and Micallef have been hit with “blazing” homophobia after a promo dropped.

Married at First Sight’s lesbian bride Tash Herz slams homophobic abuse.

Herz wrote on Instagram on at the weekend: “Our series of Married at First Sight streams in the US on Lifetime in three days and the homophobia is already BLAZING which just makes me real proud of the response from Australia.”

Under the promo posted on Lifetime’s Instagram account, the homophobic comments were endless.

One person wrote: “Why are they pushing sodomite, satanic acts so much in media, we will never accept it, us God’s children.”

“This is a Sin in God’s eyes, it makes him vomit no matter how much you would like to justify it, it’s sick,” said another.

A third commenter wrote: “Man and woman is the way God intended.”

However, fans of the contestants jumped to their defence.

One wrote: “Finally we see all realities of love is love is love being displayed on Australian TV!

“It was so wonderful to watch, and guess what folks, it’s what real life is!

“Women like women, men like men, literally not a thing wrong with that. And it doesn’t affect you! Tell me how would your God feel about you judging others so harshly?”