RuPaul sashayed away from social media and of course, everybody fracked – sorry – cracked the same joke


RuPaul, the world’s queen of drag, vanished from social media and you absolutely bet that absolutely every queer man fracked, we mean, cracked the same, original joke about it.

The Drag Race icon has wiped his social media feeds clean – deleting or archiving all posts across his Twitter and Instagram profiles, which both carried one million and 4.2 million followers respectively. Only his verified Facebook page appears to be left, but no posts have been made on it since June 2019.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed Thursday afternoon (July 2) that Mama Ru had begun emptying his social media profiles of content, quickly stirring speculation among the Drag Race community as to why their glamorous leader was purging posts.

Fracking. That’s what fans suspected is the reason. The process of drilling into the ground and pumping it full of a high-pressure water mixture to release the gas inside.

RuPaul vanishes from social media and in come the fracking jokes. 

While RuPaul is on the airwaves appearing as host of season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, his social media has been about as barren as, well, the earth underneath his ranch (allegedly).

In March this year, RuPaul casually referenced how he is “leasing [the] mineral rights” of his 60,000-acre plot ranch in Wyoming and South Dakota, US.

The estate sprawls across the two states and is managed by Ru’s husband, George LeBar. According to Fractracker, the dusty farmland appears to be speckled by “oil and gas wells”.

The suggestion that the Drag Race host appears to be engaging in fracking ratcheted up tensions online, being that it has emerged as a chief environmental concern among activists.

RuPaul hasn’t commented on the fracking allegations, and throughout both the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests his social accounts have been demonstrably silent — his last liked Twitter post was back in March — much to the frustration of some more outspoken Drag Race queens.

So when his pages began to turn dark Thursday, initially fans suspected that someone was frackin- we mean, hacking his social media, as one by one posts began to vanish from timelines and grids.

But many were quick to notice that Drag Race alum Kameron Michaels has also emptied his Instagram and Twitter accounts – hinting at a possible project or collaboration.

But much like gas surging to the surface of the earth, Ru’s accounts ultimately vanishing spurred many, many jokes about the performer that drilled into his suggested dabble in fracking.

So, there you have it. RuPaul has deleted his social media accounts. It’s been quite the 11-years-long ride for RuPaul on Twitter, with such classics as the time he attempted to show solidarity with trans people by posting a sincere tweet that featured not a trans Pride flag, but a trains flag.

Ah, memories.

Oil and gas production are, research has found, responsible for a far larger share of the soaring levels of methane – a powerful greenhouse gas – in the Earth’s atmosphere. Such studies have intensified the urgency of global efforts to rein in emissions from the fossil fuel industry, and end the practice of fracking.