Gay Trump supporter arrested after second pathetic attempt to deface a Black Lives Matter mural with paint

Mark-David Hutt, the founder of Facebook page LGBTrump that often trumpets conspiracy theories. (Facebook)

The founder of the LGBTrump Facebook page was arrested and later charged with criminal mischief after twice defacing a Black Lives Matter mural.

Nearly every week since a Black Lives Matter mural was painted in front of the Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, someone has chucked a bucket of paint onto the public art project.

The latest incident saw Mark-David Hutt spending his finite time on this planet hurtling in the void of space slithering on his knees, using his bare hands to smudge red and then white paint splattered across the pavement.

Footage captured Hutt on Saturday morning (July 25) smearing the street art on Fith Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets that local activists, city officials and mayor Bill de Blasio helped paint July 9.

The mural was the latest flare-up between de Blasio and US president Donald Trump. The mayor’s office dealt a direct rebuke towards Trump, who has vastly sought to extinguish and erode and Black Lives Matter movement, by dubbing Trump a “disgrace to the values” of New York City, they said in a statement to the New York Times.

Gay Donald Trump supporter charged with for splashing paint on Black Lives Matter mural twice. He planned to do it once more.

Police arrived at the scene to find Hutt smearing red paint on the mural and arrested the suspect on vandalism charges, but he stepped onto the yellow letters once again the following day to spread white paint onto it.

Wow. The artistic range he has.

Mobile phone footage of the second incident showed one witness mutter “unbelievable” as around five bystanders watch in stunned silence. Hutt, wearing grey jogging bottoms, is caked in paint as he begins fanning it across the pavement.

“Sir, step up, sir!” an officer bellows, as four New York City Police Department cops arrive onto the scene. Hutt brazenly ignores law enforcement and continues to tarnish the street.

“Saturday, I splashed Red. Sunday, I splashed White. & on Monday… ?,” Hutt wrote in a Facebook post uploaded July 27, sharing the video of him on his knees. 

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has ruined NYC & has put a target on the backs of NYPD’s finest. We need to STAND UP and take our country back. #BlueLivesMatter.”

Detectives later told The Washington Post that the 31-year-old was charged with criminal mischief.

Hutt, of Rochester, runs the Facebook page LGBTrump. Tagged as “gays for Trump”, it is a steady stream of anti-trans memes and articles concerning mail-in vote conspiracy theories which are vastly debased.

It’s also often clogged by posts that denounce the Democratic Party and barbed comments towards de Blasio – one post decried the Black Lives Matter movement as a “Marxist revolt”, another censured Twitter for temporarily pad-locking Doanld Trump Jr’s Twitter account after she shared a debunked coronavirus video.

The group also organised a “Back the Blue” rally in Rochester on August 1.