MP and fierce trans ally shares touching ‘birth announcement’ celebrating the ‘arrival’ of his 25-year-old trans daughter

Andy Meddick, a lawmaker for a animal welfare party, and his daughter, Kielan. (Facebook/Twitter)

An Australian MP Andy Meddick posted a touching “birth announcement” on social media Tuesday (August 18) celebrating his 25-year-old trans daughter.

Meddick, a member of the animal welfare group Animal Justice Party elected to the Parliament of Victoria, took to Twitter to show off the “arrival” of his eldest daughter Kielan.

“Birth announcement,” Meddick tweeted.

“Our eldest Kielan has been on a unique and personal journey that (with permission of course) I’m now proud to share with you all.

“I’d like to announce the arrival of my daughter Kielan, aged 25 years.”

Meddick’s son, Eden, is also trans, and he added: “Both of our children are trans, and both are perfect.”


The lawmaker has long been one of Australia’s most ardent supporter of trans rights, and countless fellow lawmakers and state ministers praised and congratulated him after his announcement.

“A great role model for your children,” Ben Caroll, the minister for public transport, wrote. “Best wishes to Kielan for the future.”

Labor MP Steve Dimopoulos said: “You are such a great dad. You and Kielan are so lucky to have each other.”

“I’ve seen what a fiercely proud and loving dad you are,” minister for employment Jeala Pulford said.

“Reckon your kids are probably just as proud of you.”

Meddick previously gave an impassioned speech to parliament in 2019 in support of reforming birth certificate laws to better allow trans people in Victoria to change gender markers without undergoing invasive surgeries.

“Doing all you can, as a parent isn’t anywhere near enough when the law isn’t on your side, or their side,” he said. He went on to describe how his son Eden has “a small but powerful note” on his bedroom door which reads: “Just a reminder, I am not a girl.”

He added: “I look forward to the day that Eden can take that sign down because people will not care what his gender is, they will not see him as different.

“We must lift up and support young transgender people because the rate of self-harm and suicide among them is the highest in our community.”