The Ellen DeGeneres Show pulled by one of Australia’s top television channels amid ‘toxic’ allegations

Ellen DeGerenes

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been pulled by one of Australia’s top television channels after former and current staff made explosive allegations about the show’s on-set culture.

Channel Nine has stopped airing DeGeneres’ long-running chat show following weeks of controversy surrounding alleged misconduct from top producers.

The television channel is instead airing re-runs of Desperate Housewives, the Daily Mail reports.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show previously ran on Channel Nine between 12pm and 1pm before the network decided to pull it completely.

“We are resting Ellen repeats on Nine and have replaced with Desperate Housewives,” a spokesperson for the channel confirmed.

It is currently unclear if the show will air on Channel Nine again in the future. The television channel is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros about the broadcast rights for the upcoming season.

We are resting Ellen repeats on Nine and have replaced with Desperate Housewives.

A spokesperson said earlier this month that they had stopped airing episodes from the latest season of DeGeneres’ hit talkshow – but blamed the decision on the fact that these episodes were largely “best-of” compilations.

Channel Nine initially aired old episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show instead – but later stopped showing these too, instead opting for Desperate Housewives re-runs.

Former and current staff on The Ellen DeGeneres Show have claimed that misconduct from producers is rife.

DeGeneres’ hugely-successful chat show was plunged into crisis last month when former and current staff claimed that sexual assault, racism and bullying were rampant on-set.

The anonymous allegations prompted Warner Media to open an investigation into the show.

Last week, it was announced that the show’s bosses Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman had been fired along with co-executive producer Jonathan Norman following an investigation.

Speaking to staff on a Zoom call last week, DeGeneres reportedly addressed rumours that staff are forbidden from making eye-contact with her.

She is rumoured to have apologised for “letting the ball drop a bit” and touched on suggestions that she is “mean”, telling her staff that she is just “introverted”.

“I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be and try to learn from my mistakes,” she said, according to the report.

Meanwhile, in an email to staff obtained by Buzzfeed News, executive vice president of programming at Warner Bros David McGuire said: “We promised you change and a new culture, and we are absolutely committed to that.

“Many of you have spoken with WarnerMedia’s investigators, and we thank you for your honesty.

“And though the investigation is nearing its conclusion, our willingness to confidentially hear your thoughts is ongoing,

“We heard loud and clear that communication needs to be better, at every level. The EPs are already taking steps to make our communication more frequent and effective.

“I hope this note is another way we are showing our commitment to do better.”

In prior statements to the outlet, Leman emphatically denied “any kind of sexual impropriety”, later echoed by Norman who said he “100 per cent categorically [denied] these allegations”.

Glavin did not respond to requests for comments.