PinkNews Futures, an online careers conference like no other, offers a masterclass in being LGBT+ in the workplace

PinkNews Futures

It’s no secret that this past year has greatly affected young job seekers, with many graduate positions being postponed or cancelled in the wake of the current economic climate.

LGBT+ graduates, in particular, are having a hard time entering the job market – something that’s already a difficult enough task when there isn’t a pandemic sweeping across the globe.

With 41-62 per cent of undergraduates going back into the closet in their first job, PinkNews Futures is looking to tackle any worries young LGBT+ job seekers may have when taking the first steps in their career.

Now in its sixth year, PinkNews Futures will be held online in 2020 from 26-30 October.

PinkNews Futures is sponsored by IBM, Royal London, GCHQ, Snapchat, Zipcar, Baillie Gifford, Latham & Watkins and Macquarie.

You can find more information on the event or sign up to attend here.

PinkNews Futures will offer jobs seekers a masterclass in being LGBT+ in the workplace.

PinkNews Futures will introduce LGBT+ talent to potential employers, while also platforming LGBT+ role models who are out and proud in the workplace to provide inspiration for the young people in attendance.

The 2020 event will also host a programme of sessions to help build job-hunting skills, including how to write a great cover letter and how to succeed in interviews.

There will be interactive sessions where students get the chance to meet role models from different sectors, as well as engage in discussions about allyship at work, the ethics of business and facing racism as an LGBT+ person.

The agenda for the event will also look to highlight specific issues LGBT+ people may face when entering the job market, with segments dedicated to topics such as coming out at work, being LGBT+ in various STEM departments, tackling HIV stigma and trans inclusion in the workplace, to name a few.

There will also be a focus on being LGBT+ in the media, along with PR and marketing roles.

Additionally, the now-online event will be accessible to those in parts of the world where LGBT+ events dedicated to workplace inclusion are rare – reaching a larger number of students than ever before.