Schitt’s Creek fans think Joe Biden hid a reference to its most iconic queer scene at his victory rally

Schitt's Creek Joe Biden

After Joe Biden delivered a historic, LGBT-inclusive acceptance speech, the voice of Tina Turner singing “you’re simply the best” rang out across Delaware – and Schitt’s Creek fans don’t think it was a coincidence.

Biden delivered a powerful victory speech in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday night (November 7) after he was finally declared the winner after days of ballot counting.

Addressing a jubilant crowd, Biden said it was now America’s “time to heal” and vowed to unify the nation once again. He also became the first president-elect in history to include trans people in his wide-ranging victory speech, thanking “gay, straight [and] transgender” voters.

But it was the music that played afterwards that grabbed the attention of Schitt’s Creek fans, with many noticing the inclusion of “The Best” by Tina Turner.

The song is used in two poignant, memorable scenes in the Emmy winning series – first when Patrick (Noah Reid) sings a heartfelt acoustic version to David (Dan Levy), and a second time when David lip-syncs the song to show his love for Patrick.

The use of the iconic song didn’t go unnoticed by Levy, who tweeted a GIF of his Schitt’s Creek character lip-syncing the song and captioned it: “Me. In my living room rn.”

Schitt’s Creek fans convinced Joe Biden used ‘Simply the Best’ as a nod to LGBT+ rights.

Fans of the show quickly weighed in, with many wondering if the Joe Biden campaign had intended it as a reference to the queer-inclusive, homophobia-busting television series.

Joe Biden gives acceptance speech thanking ‘broadest and most diverse coalition in history’.

Joe Biden was declared president-elect on Saturday after a nail-biting election count that went on for days, with many LGBT+ people waiting in terror at the possibility of a second term of Donald Trump.

But hope prevailed as Biden won the day – and the president-elect used his victory speech to thank the minority groups who fought tirelessly to get him into the White House.

“I am proud of the campaign we built and ran. I am proud of the coalition we put together, the broadest and most diverse coalition in history,” he said.

“Democrats, Republicans, independents. Progressives, moderates, conservatives. Young, old. Urban, suburban, and rural. Gay, straight, transgender. White. Latino. Asian. Native American.”

Amid a chorus of cheers, applause and pumping car horns, he continued: “I mean it. Especially for those moments when this campaign was at its lowest ebb — the African-American community stood up again for me.

“They always have my back, and I’ll have yours. I said from the outset I wanted a campaign that represented America, and I think we did that. Now that’s what I want the administration to look like.”