Joe Exotic is so convinced Donald Trump is going to pardon him he’s already planning his homecoming

Tiger King: Donald Trump Jr compared his dad to gay criminal Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is so confident that Donald Trump will pardon him for his many crimes that he’s already booked a limousine to drive him home from prison.

The ‘gun-toting gay redneck’ star of Netflix’s Tiger King is currently serving 22 years in federal prison for a litany of offences including the illegal trade of wildlife, violations of the Endangered Species Act, and of course, the murder-for-hire plot to kill Carole Baskin.

But he seems pretty convinced that the president will look past all that, because it’s not like there’s anything more urgent to be dealing with right now.

According to Joe Exotic’s representative Eric Love, his legal team has been corresponding with officials in Washington DC in connection with arranging a pardon.

They’ve been chasing one since April, when in a coronavirus briefing Trump suggested that he would “take a look” into the Oklahoma zoo owner’s case.

Joe Exotic was said to be “ecstatic” at the news, and shortly afterwards his dutiful husband Dillon Passage drove across the country to Washington in an enormous tour bus emblazoned with the words “President Trump please pardon Joe Exotic”.

When this didn’t succeed the 57-year-old wrote directly to Trump, begging his fellow reality TV star to “be my hero” and “grant me a miracle” by way of a pardon.

Exotic’s lawyers said in September they planned to hand-deliver the request to the president in person – and it looks like they’ve finally made inroads.

Love told TMZ  that he is already preparing the welcome-home festivities, including the reservation of a monster truck Dodge Ram limousine on call for Exotic’s potential ride home from prison.

They’re up against the clock though, as Trump has only 61 days left until he leaves office, whether he likes it or not.

It seems the phrase “don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched” doesn’t ring any bells for Joe Exotic, who is scheduled for release in 2037.