Two mothers decided to have one more baby. They ended up with quintuplets

Lesbian couple quintuplets

Two mothers decided to have one more baby – so they were understandably a little surprised when they ended up having quintuplets.

Heather Langley, 39, and Priscilla Rodriguez, 35, already had one daughter, called Sawyer, and they decided to have a second child.

Before long, Heather became pregnant – but they were destined to get a little more than they bargained for, Metro reports.

Heather was forced to go for a scan at six weeks alone due to coronavirus restrictions – and she was given the remarkable news that she was going to have not one, but five babies.

She left the hospital and told Priscilla by text that they were about to become mothers to five newborn babies.

“Please tell me this is a joke,” Priscilla responded.

Langley was immediately concerned about what having quintuplets would mean, and she said she was scared that her pregnancy could be complicated.

She also started to panic about how the couple would care for five babies while already looking after one child.

The couple also had to grapple with how they would find five names for their babies when settling on even one would normally be a challenge.

Parents who had quintuplets feel like they ‘won the lottery’.

However, the couple quickly adjusted to the news, and came to realise that they were in a unique situation.

“It feels like we have won the lottery,” Langley told Metro.

The parents’ five daughters were born in August 2020 by emergency C-section at just 28 weeks. Langley went into labour early after she was given medication to ensure that their daughters’ brains developed correctly.

It has been crazy, hectic and tiring, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, shortly after taking the medication, Langley went into labour, leading to all five babies being born within just three minutes by C-section.

Their babies are just the second set of all-girl quintuplets ever recorded in the United States. While they struggled to settle on names at first, they eventually named their daughters Hadley, Reagan, Zariah, Zylah and Jocelyn.

Because the babies were premature, they spent the first three months of their lives in hospital, but they are now home with their mothers.

“It has been crazy, hectic and tiring, but we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Langley said.