New Nintendo Switch Mario ‘Red and Blue’ edition console: UK release date, price and where to buy

Nintendo Switch Mario edition Red and Blue console

Nintendo is releasing a brand new edition of the Switch console that is inspired by dungaree-wearing, moustachioed icon Mario.

A number of different versions of the console have already been released by Nintendo including a Fortnite edition and an Animal Crossing edition.

But time gamers will be able to get their hands on a console dedicated to one of its most popular characters. The console will be similar to the classic version of the Switch but comes in the blue and red colours that we associate with the animated character.

It’s being released this February and we’ve got all the info you need ahead of its release, including how to preorder, prices for console and bundles and more.

You can find out all you need to know about the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue edition below.

When is the Nintendo Switch Mario edition being released?

The Mario edition of the Nintendo Switch comes in blue and red. (Amazon/Nintendo)

The Mario edition of the Nintendo Switch comes in blue and red. (Amazon/Nintendo)

The Mario Red & Blue edition of the Nintendo Switch console will be released on 12 February. Gamers can preorder it now to guarantee deliver on release day and avoid any disappointment when demand will likely go up which is what happened with both the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X releases in late 2020.

Where can I preorder the console?

The console is available to preorder from major retailers including Amazon, Currys PC World and GAME.

Amazon is currently offering the most options in terms of bundles as gamers can get the console on its own, or with one of the following games: Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D All Stars and Animal Crossing.

Currys PC World only has the option to preorder the console, with no bundles available on the site. While GAME is offering the console on its own or as part of a bundle with Super Mario 3D World.

How much is it?

The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue edition console is priced at £299.99 from Amazon and GAME while at Currys PC World it’s priced at £299.

If you’re after a bundle version which comes with a game then these start at £349.98 with Super Mario 3D World, £335.99 with 3D All Stars and £337.98 with Mario Kart 8 on Amazon. Just make sure to select your preferred version in the ‘edition’ section on the product page.

The console is also priced at £279 via the official Nintendo website, but it’s unfortunately sold out, so your best bet is another major retailer for £20 more.

What games can I get?

Don’t worry if you think you’ve got to buy a whole new set of games for the Mario edition of the Nintendo Switch. All of the games for the original Switch are compatible with this one.

So that includes all of the above Mario games mentioned as well as Animal Crossing, Just Dance 2021, Pokémon and Minecraft to name a few.

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