Drag Race UK star A’Whora pleads with fans to ‘be kind’ after receiving death threats

A'Whora Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK star A’Whora has urged fans to “be kind” after she was pelted with death threats and abuse on social media.

A’Whora, real name George Boyle, opened up about the reams of abuse she has been subjected to over comments she made about fellow contestant Tia Kofi.

A’Whora had criticised Tia’s look behind her back on last week’s Drag Race UK. In the latest episode, she apologised to Tia, admitting that she shouldn’t pull other queens down while also opening up about her own insecurities.

The drag queen later addressed the abuse she has received in a series of tweets posted on Thursday (4 February).

“My message is simple, if you have something to say then you should be able to own it and say it to their face, if not then shut up and put up, learn from your words and be open to making mistakes,” A’Whora wrote.

“We are human and if you know you did wrong then apologise, growth is success!”

Drag Race UK star A’Whora inundated with support from fellow queens.

She added: “I have had to sit here weeks upon end receiving death threats, abuse, hearing how much you hate me and had to be quiet, knowing that I knew I’d learnt and made my bed with my mistakes, I’ve had the world punish me to now know ‘never judge a book by its cover’! Please be kind!”

A’Whora has since been inundated with supportive messages from fans and other Drag Race stars.

All Stars 5 winner Shea Couleé wrote: “[Your] vulnerability was so refreshing and really touched me. You’re a superstar and I loved seeing you and Tia Kofi put your differences aside and help one another.”

Canada’s Drag Race star Ilona Verley replied: “I literally LOVE YOU; relate so much to what you shared on this episode. You are so pure and just yourself and I love that about you!”

Some of her fellow Drag Race UK season two competitors also spoke out in her defence, with Bimini Bon Boulash writing: “You’re a superstar and I love you.”

Ellie Diamond shared A’Whora’s tweet and wrote: “Please be kind! This is important that we spread love NOT HATE!! Treat others the way you want to be treated! It’s a TV show!”