Chromatica, Paramore and Brexit buns: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK Ginny Lemon exit

Well, what a week it’s been.

Biden’s done more positive things for the LGBT+ community, Donald Trump got roasted on Twitter, a platform he’s not even allowed to use anymore, and, of course, Handforth Parish Council’s Jackie Weaver became the moment of light relief we all need in our lives.

However, all of these pale into insignificance compared to the absolute bombshell that dropped on last night’s Drag Race UK (and this time, we’re only slightly kidding).

If you’ve not watched this week’s Drag Race UK yet, the usual “go away/why did you click on this/what were you thinking?” comments apply. If you have watched it, you’ll know that Ginny Lemon made Drag Race herstory by refusing to lip sync, instead walking off into a neon yellow sunset with a cheeky wave. What. A. Legend.

Ginny Lemon and Jackie Weaver should definitely get their own Zoom chat show.

The reactions were absolutely hilarious, as usual, and almost as funny as Drag Race UK itself. Definitely funnier than Veronica Green and Sister Sister’s goth baking sketch, that’s for sure (sorry ladies, it was a shocker).

You may like to watch

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Drag Race UK funnies to brighten up your Friday below. Enjoy!

Someone did a Chromatica edit of Ginny walking away, but of course.

And other popular meme formats also got their time to shine.

This was extremely accurate.

As was this…

…and not to mention this.

And Morning Glory’s goth routine became the new reaction video we didn’t know we needed.

We also need to talk about how Tia Kofi went from basic to epic.

It wouldn’t be a Drag Race UK meme round up without the hilarious official Twitter account.

Someone noticed this striking similarity.

This was – well, will be – very relatable.

Bimini’s Brexit Bun is coming soon to a Greggs near you.

Back to Ginny’s shock exit, and this definitely sums up the judges’ reaction.

This was spot-on, as well (we assume).

However, Sister Sister really does deserve to have the last word on the topic.

See you all next week, when we’ll have not one, but two episodes to joyfully react to.

You can find all the rest of our Drag Race UK coverage here. Bye babes!

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