Big Ben, H&M and meal deals: the funniest tweets and memes from this week’s explosive Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK H&M memes

This week’s episode of Drag Race UK (11 Feb) had more twists and turns than a corkscrew in a blender. It simply oozed drama, delivering as many “whaaaaaaa” moments as an average M Night Shyamalan movie, and then some.

Let’s take the first jaw-dropping reveal: the fact that everyone’s favourite emerald-clad bombshell Veronica Green wouldn’t be returning to Drag Race UK after the seven month pandemic hiatus because she’d tested positive for COVID. You can read our exclusive interview with her here, where she talks about how difficult the pandemic has been for her and other queens.

That was shocking enough, but then the “pit crew” stomped in wearing a variety of Poundland fursuits, only to remove their heads and out themselves as none other than eliminated queens Joe Black, Asttina Mandella and Cherry Valentine. One of them would be replacing Veronica, and the remaining queens decided to vote for Joe Black to stay.

However, Joe’s return ended up being more short lived than a Hollywood marriage, mainly due to that whole H&M drama. Oh, and we haven’t even gotten to the absolute bop that is “UK Hun”. Honestly this episode really was the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s take a look at how the very funny people on Twitter reacted to this sheer rollercoaster of emotion.

“UK Hun”‘s bizarre lyrics put people in mind of this young lady.

You may like to watch

And OF COURSE someone edited her into a video of the dance routine.

And we are here for this Drag Race UK / This Country mash-up.

Not to mention this spot-on comparison…

The whole thing was seriously award-worthy.

This was so accurate.

Ellie Diamond’s Drag Race UK runway look had strong ‘The Crowening” energy.

RuPaul’s startling yellow wig also got a lot of attention.

But it was her extreme reaction to Joe Black’s outfit that instantly became a meme.

They just kept coming, getting stranger and stranger…

People drew an obvious comparison between Asttina’s ASOS jacket and Joe Black’s dress.

People wondered why Joe had revealed his frock’s origin story.

It was definitely not a good night in the H&M press office:

But there’s no doubt that the final word has to go to the inestimable Cheryl Hole.

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