Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney deletes Twitter account after ‘disgusting’ abuse from trolls

Lawrence Chaney BBC Three Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney has deleted her Twitter following “disgusting” abuse she received after last night’s episode.

The Glasgow drag performer deactivated her social media account following Thursday (4 March) night’s dramatic episode. It’s believed this came out after the episode featured a fallow out between Lawrence and fellow Drag Race UK contestant Ellie Diamond.

The two butted heads after Ellie won the episode’s mini-challenge. As a prize, Ellie was given the power to decide the running order for the stand-up comedy main challenge. However, Lawrence wasn’t happy with Ellie’s choice of the running order.

“You wanted to go after her [A’Whora] because you thought she was gonna go down like a sack of s**t,” Lawrence was heard telling Ellie. “So did we all, because we’ve all underestimated her.”

Speaking backstage before the elimination, the star added: “You tried to set everyone up. […] Don’t sit there and be like ‘I was tearing myself up’. I wasn’t seeing someone torn up.”

The argument prompted a torrent of abuse online towards Lawrence and co-star A’Whora, who was also upset about the stand-up challenge’s running order.

In the wake of the backlash, A’Whora, who was eliminated after an off-colour joke about her grandma, explained on Twitter that she and Ellie are “weirdly now best friends” and FaceTime nearly every single day.

She also told people who were angry with how she acted towards Ellie to “pipe down” because she was eliminated.

But unfortunately, it appears that Lawrence Chaney deleted her Twitter because of the online abuse.

Queens took to Twitter to defend their fellow drag performer, calling on fans to be kind. Bimini, who won last night’s episode, backed Lawrence and urged people not to “tear others down”.

“This is a @ShadyLawrence stan account, and you all need to realise it isn’t that deep,” Bimini wrote on Twitter. “It’s a television show. If you support me, please don’t tear others down.”

Drag Race UK season one star Cheryl Hole said the fact that “trolls made Lawrence Chaney delete her Twitter because of the abuse you’ve given her is DISGUSTING”.

She added: “It’s a fun TV show, the world is already negative enough without you trolls making a fun show something negative.”

Fellow Drag Race UK series one contestant Baga Chipz called on fans to “be kind and do MUCH better”.

Ellie, who was at the centre of the drama, threw her support behind Lawrence. She posted on Twitter a reminder: “Just remember it’s never okay to send someone hate or hateful comments!

“Be kind to others and KEEP YAH MOOF CLOSED!”